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Blog Analysis

Analysis of 3 previous Media Studies blogs

Kaan Kurt

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Blog Analysis

http://bethspenceley.blogspot.co.uk/ Beth Drape Research 18/20 Good
points Uses a wide range of multimedia Contains detailed analysis' of style models and shows an in-depth knowledge of the genre Used a questionnaire to build the magazine accordingly to the audience's needs Room for
Improvement More audience research More about how the photos were edited Tends to get slightly off topic at times Construction 55/60 Good
points High quality images, not blurred at all Follows conventional layout of a Music Magazine Consistent house style all the way through Evaluation 20/20 Detailed walkthrough of how and why she done what she did Used topic-specific terminology Shows a clear understanding of what she was doing Adam Bennett Research Construction Evaluation Doesnt use as wide a range
of media Doesn't show as clear an
understanding of style
models and conventions
which he will need in order
to have a successful final
product Also used methods such
as a questionnaire to find out
what his target audience
require Also uses a consistent house style throughout One of the images is used
more than once No more than three colours used Writing is justified on the
cover, but in other places
it isn't. Understands what he done well and not so well Knows how he can improve it, e.g. he doesn't use enough models He brought theoretical content
into his evaluations, e.g Uses and Gratifications, Hypodermic Syringe Theory Brandon Stephenson Research Construction Evaluation Didn't use many different styles
of media to present his research Hasn't researched things such
as style models or other magazines
in that genre. Does use a questionnaire to figure
out what his audience wish
to gain from his magazine. Not very good quality images The photoshopping done isn't of a high
standard Isn't really a consistant
house style used throughout Doesn't use topic specific
terminology Doesn't discuss what he could
have done better Doesn't talk about uses and
gratifications or any other
theoretical content
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