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IB English IOP Lord of the Flies Pig's Head vs The Great Gatsby T. J. Eckleburg Billboard

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Amanda Foster

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of IB English IOP Lord of the Flies Pig's Head vs The Great Gatsby T. J. Eckleburg Billboard

The Pig's Head vs. The Billboard
The Comparison
The outward similarities of T.J. Eckleburg and the sow's head are minute but the symbolic meaning behind them both are extremely important. The two inanimate objects turn into living characters as the story develops. Both play a major role in the building of the two stories. While one is the sacrifice of savage boys and the other is a billboard in the valley of ashes, they are alike in what they represent.
The Eyes
The two objects have seemingly nothing in common but as you look deeper they have an undeniable similarities between them
Symbolic nature of the Location
The Role of Religion
Differences between the two
The differences between the pig's head and the billboard are few.
The pig's head is a more "living" character. It interacts with the children while the billboard is a presence sensed by the characters.
The billboard is a symbol of a neighborhood. It stands for something and when seen is know in a specific location. While the pigs head is implemented into its location. It was added to the preexisting area by the characters of the book.
The "Lord of the flies" has eyes that in the book are described as dim and dead. The eyes of the pig are distant and they overlook a place of despair. The eyes of the pig say a lot more than the mouth ever does. The Lord of the flies is a character that is symbolically shown as a demonic figure. The eyes are black holes that watch and judge the boys and watch them turn from English school boys to savages.
The eyes of T.J. Eckleburg are the eyes that look over the worst part of town. The eyes are simple, quiet, understanding and focused. They lead you to believe that it is just a billboard and really has no major significance, but on occasion the eyes are watching. The eyes see Nick and Tom when Tom goes to see Myrtle, and they see the crash that kills Myrtle. They eyes watch and see the things that happen all around.
The "Lord of the Flies"
T.J. Eckleburg
The eyes of both T.J. Eckleburg and the sow's head are meaningful to the stories. They are an all seeing figure. they see the best and the worst of a person. Both F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Golding represent an inanimate figure as a major character. The eyes are the key to these characters. The eyes show that they are observant and all knowing.
The location of the sow's head is important in its role throughout the story. The head is in the ever changing forest. The forest starts out as simple, and Eden like; as the story goes on the clearing becomes the place of all evil and the place where a violent attack happened. The location is also key to the story because the clearing is at the top of the island and it overlooks everything. The head sees all that the boys are doing and what they become.
The locations of these two very different yet very similar objects are very symbolic. They are watchers. They are able to look out and see the changes in people and the tragedies that go along with that.
The billboard is seemingly innocent compares to the location it is placed in. The valley of ashes is a place of sorrow and poverty. The billboard looks out over the worst area during the time. The T.J. Eckleburg billboard was a simple advertisement until it was put into an area full of depression, death, and poverty. The billboard looks out over an entire town. It watches Myrtles death and other tragedies. It is able to look out over a town and watch the world go by.
The Clearing
The Valley of Ashes
The T.J. Eckleburg Billboard watched. It was not able to speak but it could see. George Wilson thought that the billboard was God. It is such a powerful presence in the story that it almost seems holy. It is an object that is higher than the other characters. It watches over the characters.
The sow's head is an embodiment of evil. It is the "Beast". The head is represented as Satan. The head shows that evil can manifest in anything. The pig is consumed by darkness. The pigs head is red with blood and being flocked to by the thousands of flies.
The role of religion in these two characters are very important to the general plot of the story. The pig's head being represented as Satan battled the role of the Christ-like Simon, while the God-like Billboard is a watchful eye on the sins present below.
Thanks for watching
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