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Clint Nelson

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

In the Beginning Drafting Editing Past Tense Writing The End Result Revision Now that I have brought my free write to
life and written a rough draft, I start to
look for what type of revisions I can make. You have to start somewhere!
So just start writing! Or as we know it...

Where there are no grades... There are no problems! Now I start my drafting process. I am trying to give life to my free write. Things like an introduction, body then conclusion. I look for things that I tend to focus on in my free write to build the body of my paper. Once I know my focus, I know my conclusion. Then I "water" my thoughts and try to bring it all to life. If you can see the
whole picture! Now we move into the editing process.
Before this, you tend to feel as though
you're finished, but that is not the case.
In the editing process is where you will
go from an average writer to a tremendous writer. With sentences written in a passive voice; consider changing it to an active voice.

The passive voice refers to the subject receiving the action; the active voice refers to the subject doing the action.

While the passive voice is perfectly acceptable in formal writing, it may not effectively persuade the reader.

In modern society, people are often convinced by facts; the active voice sounds more like a fact, or a certainty. Free Writing
Editing But in reality, We're not out of
the tree's just yet This is the pre-writing strategy
that works best for me. It is how I informally throw up my thoughts on paper!

It is also how I started all three papers in included in my portfolio!

1. Love One Another: Chapter One
2. The Shack Critique:
Chapter 1 - 9
3. Applebee's Free Write Does this look familiar? Maybe You Felt all alone Like this Guy! Or, more like this! Not really knowing how to
do anything and begging for a free write to be our final! Yeah! I know the feeling! However, writing is fairly simple... Global Local /
Surface Global Revisions - Is my overall idea being supported by the content and how I am presenting it?

Local / Surface Revisions - How is my sentence structure, diction, grammar, and spelling? In the editing process I found out my tendency is to always write in past tense... This is my process. I focus on these things, to become a better writer. Find what works for you and do it! Here are a few things
that have helped me
"produce better fruit"
when I write. Grammarly.com Easybib.com
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