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Eric Carle

No description

Martina Penn

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Eric Carle

Photo of Eric Carle
By Martina Penn
Eric Carle
About the Author
About the Author
Eric Carle was born in Syracuse, New York. In 1929, Eric Carle moved with his parents to Germany when he was six years old; he was educated there.
ECT 510- Spring 2014

Children's Author Prezi
In 1952 Eric Carle returned to New York and found a job as a graphic designer for the New York Times.
A respected author by the name of Bill Martin Jr. asked Carle to illustrate a story he had written. He had seen a picture Carle had designed and liked it. The end result of their collaboration was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Interesting Information
About the Author
Eric Carle is infamous for his recognizable artwork. He uses a collage technique, using hand-painted papers, which he cuts and layers to form bright and cheerful images.
Interesting Information
Eric Carle's secret to writing children's books is that he has an intuitive understanding and respect for children.
The themes relate to his knowledge and love of nature.
Favorite Book by
Eric Carle
My favorite book by Eric Carle is
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
. I enjoy reading this book to my students when we discuss insects and bugs. We always make a caterpillar masterpiece after we read the story.
Books by Eric Carle
These two books were also written by Eric Carle. I usually read
The Tiny Seed
when we are learning about plants in Science.
Pancakes, Pancakes
is a great book to read when teaching sequence. The students also love eating the pancakes I make after we read the story.
I think Eric Carle is a wonderful children's author. I enjoy his fun story plots and creative illustration. He books always keep my student's attention. I look forward to adding more of his books to my classroom library.
The Very Clumsy Click Beetle Book Review
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