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Area of Study: Discovery

No description

Danielle Marie

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Area of Study: Discovery

Area of Study: Discovery
Part A: Approach to the Synthesis of Ideas

Students are struggling to explore the ways in which the concept of discovery is considered and expressed through the poetry by Rosemary Dobson; Young Girl at a Window, Wonder, The Tiger, Cock Crow, Painter of Antwerp and Traveler's Tale
The Scenario!
Students finding a connection between the Area of Study and the Texts for study!

The Preliminary texts, being the Poetry by Rosemary Dobson, explores an emerging understanding and curiosity that led towards a development. At the same time, the supplementary text, Inception by Christopher Nolan has shaped a development through the curiousity of a world in a dream.

Students need to think deeper and be able to seperate what they know and what they want to know about Discovery, through its portrayal in the texts. They should reiterate their understanding of how these texts are able to be related to eachother, through the shaping of the concept 'Discovery'.
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