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langston terrace

This is my 3rd class project, but 2nd prezi

jacquelyn klassen

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of langston terrace

Langston Terrace Eloise Greenfield spent many hours reading
in the library, which was a two minute walk
from her home. Although she loved books, she
did not enjoy writing. One day, however, Green-
field sat down, and began to write. Since then,
she has published more than 30 books, including picture books, collections of poetry, and biographies. Greenfield once said, " I love words . . . sometimes they make me laugh. Other times, I feel a kind of pain in struggling to find the right ones. But I keep struggling, because I want to do my best, and because I want children to have the best." TITLE EXPLANATION SUMMARY When I first read the title, THE LANGSTON TERRACE, I thought of a big building, but really, the Langston Terrace is a an apartment complex. The picture on the front cover showed a bunch of kids playing outside. The kids were all doing different things, so it was kind of confusing. The story, THE LANGSTON TERRACE, is about a girl who moves from a small apartment, into the Langston Terrace. The girl falls in love with the terrace, and makes good friends by her home. She is still the new girl at school, but she learns to love her new friends and home. ALL ABOUT THE AUTHOR WONDERFUL WORDS *** Bally- This word is funny, it looks like the word rally.
*** Jacks- This is really an old time game, but it sounds different
*** Horseshoes- This is also an old time game
*** Shuffleboard- Another old game. It sounds like you stand on boards, and shuffle around
*** Congressman- A man in congress. This word is very buisness like. Elaborated on by: Jacquelyn BOOK DESCRIPTION This is a really good book, and I think lots of people would like it. This story is a little bit hard to follow, but is still good. I like how it was in first person point of view, so that also is a thumbs up. VOCABULARY - applications (n.) forms filled out to make a request - community (n.) a group of people living in the same area - resident (adj.) living in one particular place - choral (adj.) relating to a singing group or choir - reunion n. a gathering of people who have been seperated -homey adj. comfortable, having a feeling of home CRITIQUE This story does not have much of a tale, more of a chronological order mix- up. If I were the author, I would have made more of a storyline. I don't know how, but I might have made the story a bit more interesting. I might have added a couple more scenes, to make the story longer. ANY QUESTIONS???? QUESTIONS FOR YOU!!! 1.) What were three vocabulary words? 2.) Who wrote this story? SKILLS MAIN IDEA DEFEENITION: The main idea is the most important point in a literary work.To determine a main idea, distinguish between important and unimportant details. AUTHORS INFLUENCES The authors influences are the experiences that the author has had with the certain subject. The authors influences reflect on the story, because the author was talking about her own life. 3.) What was one of the skills? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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