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Roles Of Officals In Rounders

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Maxine Steer

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Roles Of Officals In Rounders

Roles Of Officials In Rounders
The Two Different Umpires.
There are two different types of umpire, the Batsman’s Umpire, who stands on a level with the batsman in the batting square and in a position to see the 1st post without turning his head, and the Bowler’s Umpire, who stands in a position that he can see all the infringements of Rules, he/she will be responsible to take care of this.

Duties Of Batsman's Umpire.
The duties of the Batsman's umpire is to call 'rounders' or 'half-rounders' and to give the score of both sides. They are also responsible for calling a no-ball. Its the batsman's umpires decision to decide whether it is a backwards hit or not. He/She will call the next batter by their number and name.
Duties Of The Bowlers Umpire.
He/She will call play at the beginning of each game. Its their responsibility to call no ball for wides or if the bowler puts his foot over the sides or the back lines of the bowling square. They are also responsible for giving decisions concerning 2nd and 3rd posts.
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