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Oxbridge Admissions Project

No description

Mason Janenda

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Oxbridge Admissions Project

Mason Gray Janenda Teaching a Zome class
to a group of GPS students Assistant coach for girls U-8 soccer team Mentor Athlete Scholar Four years playing with the Wellington Wave Soccer Club; nine years playing the great game of soccer :) Mentor Athlete Scholar PerfOrming Artist iNvolved ImaGinative cReative Adventurous team plaYer Just an all around nice guy! Helping out with a marine science lab and chess club I flip for Oxbridge! Always "up" for a game of volleyball ;) The many faces (and costumes) of homeschooling Taking learning on the road: One of many weekend seminars at Stetson University - in the chemistry lab at Stetson doing a DNA diaphoresis lab. Touring the particle physics lab with a group of
Davidson Young Scholars at University of Minnesota Duke or Bust:
Three amazing weeks at New College of Florida in the Duke TIP program Musician-in-training Bi-Annual ChurchRetreat
Here we come! International Peace Day Parade Volunteering and Community Service 2012 Thanksgiving Basket Brigade Creating a replica of an
ancient Viking board game Building a rocket out of
construction paper and a soda bottle
(it flew 200 feet!) Painting with
Habitat for Humanity Zome architecture Performing Hamlet with
a Shakespearean troupe Team building, leadership, problem solving, and fun -
all in a day's work "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford
an original sonnet by Mason Janenda

Under a tree I wait for passing meals.
My pride and I are lying in the shade.
A careful look at grass ahead reveals
A herd of antelope as my heart prayed.

I move towards the naïve antelope;
They don’t suspect a single thing at all.
For our empty stomachs there is a hope
Before long one of them will take a fall.

We stalk until we are a foot away.
They see our pride and try to make a break.
Too bad for one it is his final day.
I pounce with my claws out and then… I wake.

My grassy plains are just a living room.
I hope I get my can of Friskies soon. Playing "Highland Jig" for the
G3 Online Performing Arts Showcase click below to play (it's about 45 seconds long) Ode To The Feline Preparing dinner for the homeless with Second Saturday Club Click on the photo above to hear me perform "Pachelbel's Canon" at one of my 2012 recitals.
The recording is approximately 2.5 minutes long. Please listen to as much or little as you like, but be sure to pause it
(or allow it to finish on its own) before you progress to the next slide. Enjoy! Scripps Spelling Bee Competition Winner, preliminary rounds At St. Andrews School; made it to the final round before D.C. Teambuilding, leadership, cooperation and fun -
all in a day's work Marble roller coaster
built out of recycled materials Thanks for watching my Prezi. I hope you enjoyed it! Click to play audio The End Click to play audio My first, and favorite team: my family "Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important." Barack Obama Working together to build and program robots and to complete missions Advanced Robotics Engineering
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