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No description

Selena Romero

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Teacher-Tech

3441 Haven View Circle, Birmingham AL 35216
What You Should Know About Us
• Guaranteed lowest price or we will match other prices. (with )
• We only sell our products to students and teachers.
• Must have school identification.
• Every September there is a 30 – 50 % off sale on all items.
• We do not fix computer issues (i.e. malicious software, slow computer, hard drive failure). We only SELL computer desktop products.

We were established in the year 2000. We started as a small store in the city of Pomona and expanded in the year 2005 and relocated in Alabama. While in Alabama we decided to build a company not a store.
How to Contact Us
Phone: (261) 792-8851
Website: teacher-tech.com

I came up with the idea of Teacher-Tech because I remember being in high school and having teachers and students struggle because either they didn’t have the latest technology or they begin to experience malfunctions with their current technology. That’s when I realized that every teacher and student should have the latest and well working technology needed for their studies and in the lowest prices.
Who We Serve?
Teachers and Students ONLY
Computer Power Cords
Computer Keyboards
Computer Monitors
Computer Cases
Power Supply Unit
Sell the newest technology to teachers and students at the lowest price in the market
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