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Aims and Strategies of the Allied and Axis Powers

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Michael Lane

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Aims and Strategies of the Allied and Axis Powers

Aims and Strategies of the Allied and Axis Powers
Outline the the aims and strategies of the Allied and Axis powers.
Hitler's Aims
Hitler's ultimate goal, stated clearly in Mein Kampf, was the acquisition of living space, primarily in the east.
Convinced that the western powers may oppose his program of expansion, he resolved to deal with them first; this was the purpose of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.

Hitler was determined to avoid war on multiple fronts.
Victory would be secured by short, decisive campaigns using 'blitzkrieg' tactics.
The Axis powers were to work together to achieve dominance in Europe, North Africa and the Pacific.
Axis Strategies
Allied Aims
Having pursued the policy of appeasement in a bid to avert war, the Allies found themselves reacting to the actions of the Axis powers in the early stages of the war.
The unconditional surrender of the Axis powers was sought through a plan involving multiple fronts.
Where did it go wrong?
The Axis failed to implement, or made serious blunders in executing many of their stated strategies.
war was fought on many fronts simultaneously, stretching and draining Axis resources.
the campaign on the eastern front developed into a protracted and costly disaster
the Axis powers rarely collaborated, and for the Wehrmacht the Italians proved to be a liability
Allied strategy was initially confined to simply resisting the Wehrmacht onslaught.
From '43 the bombing campaign became the means by which the western allies could relieve pressure off the Russians.
Confronting the Axis on multiple fronts also aimed to stretch and exhaust them.
From '44 the invasion of Germany became the focus.
Allied Strategy
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