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Integrating Technology into Teaching

No description

Alainya Powers

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Integrating Technology into Teaching

Integrating Technology into Teaching
Why Technology?
Ways you can use technology in your classroom!
Classroom Websites
Virtual Field Trips
Classroom Websites
Classroom websites are a great way to keep your students and their parents up to date with is happening in the classroom.

You can put any information that is important to you and your students on your classroom website.

You can design your classroom website anyway you like.

You can make your own free classroom website at weebly.com

If you need help making a classroom website you can find lessons on YouTube.

Here is an example a simple classroom website:

Technology is a tool that has many uses for teaching and learning, because it offers many new ways to access and process information. (Doering & Roblyer, 2013)

"It is imperative that we as teachers be supportive of new technology and work to integrate meaningful technology into the curriculum." Stephanie Hicks wrote in Technology in Today’s Classroom: Are You a Tech-Savvy Teacher?(Hicks, 2011)

Technology offers students a positive learning experience in and out of the classroom.(Hicks, 2011)

Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips are a fun way to teach you students about the world outside the classroom. (Steele-Carlin, 2012)

You can design a virtual field trip yourself using PowerPoint, Prezi or even YouTube.

You can take your students in to outer space without ever leaving the classroom.(Steele-Carlin, 2012)

You can take your students on an under the sea adventure without getting wet.

The possibilities are endless when you go on a virtual field trip with your students.

For more fun ways to take your students on a virtual field trip visit:
Why Technology?
A study done by the
British Journal of Educational Technology,
found that students have an increase of knowledge on a subject, when using WebQuest. (Kleemans, T., Segers, E., Droop, M., & Wentink, H., 2011)

The article also states, "We therefore recommend the use WebQuests as part of a well-balanced educational curriculum."
(Kleemans, T., Segers, E., Droop, M., & Wentink, H., 2011)

There are many different WebQuest website on the internet.
Here is a good WebQuest website:
I chose this topic because I have discovered many uses for technology that I would like to share with you.
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We live in a high tech world and as teachers it is our job to prepare our students for the future. (Lodovico, 2010)
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