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Meet Hassan J Kariem

A professional introduction to the amazing individual you come to know as Mr. Hassan J Kariem

Hassan Kariem

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Meet Hassan J Kariem

This is Hassan Jihad Kariem
Meet Hassan J Kariem
Hassan Kariem is a graduate of Georgia Southern University. There he received a BS in Information Technology in 2007.
After graduation Hassan began working for iDtech where he instructed students ages 8-18 in subjects ranging from programming with robotics, web design, video game design, object oriented programming and other technical skills.
Hassan enjoys working with the youth and shares his personal and professional experiences to provide a platform of innovation.
His seven years as an instructor with iD tech has provided him with a unique understanding of a student's perspective of technology allowing him to become a beacon of support for children as they learn how develop skills which could potentially lead to careers as the future technology professionals.
After years of assisting children learn skills that could help with their careers Hassan began to ponder about a career of his own that would utilize his professional and educational background most efficiently and deliver the most personal satisfaction.
After excessive reflection and research Hassan had a brilliant idea....
He decided to further his education and obtain a Masters in Instructional Technology!!!
So in 2012 he jumped on a plane from Atlanta to Los Angles to accept a job as a full time caretaker/house manager.
This occupation allowed him to keep a steady income and minimize costs while having the freedom to focus on his studies.
In 2013 Hassan got an opportunity to fly to Mumbai and teach at the American School of Bombay
It was here that he gained global insights into the needs of students wordwide.
His experience there truly revealed to him his path and unlocked a passion for using technology to enrich the lives of students of all backgrounds.
So in the summer of 2014, Hassan packed his bags once again and headed back to Atlanta!
Today Hassan is finishing up his Masters and sharing his life experiences as the technology teacher at Wesley International Academy.
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