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Biomedical Sciences Academy at Harmony School of Ingenuity

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Michelle Sanders-Limonthas

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Biomedical Sciences Academy at Harmony School of Ingenuity

Harmony Ingenuity Biomedical Sciences Academy
Harmony Public Schools presents
Harmony Ingenuity Biomedical Sciences Academy (HIBSA) is a specialized training program for high school students interested in the healthcare professions. The goal of HIBSA is to prepare our high school graduates for a career in the medical and health care discipline of their choice..
What is HIBSA?
To MOTIVATE & EMPOWER our students to achieve excellence in HIBSA through collaboration, creativity, and compassion with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
HIBSA Mission
Students explore basic concepts in cell biology before exploring the intricate anatomical and physiological mechanisms underlying normal human function.
Students investigate homeostatic imbalances that cause diseases, such as diabetes
Lab work covers techniques in histology, anatomy and physiology (including dissections), and biochemistry.
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences
Students examine the various categories of diseases and their causes.
- Bacterial Spreads
-Make Yogurt
- Create 3 -D Models
- Roleplays
Introduction to Disease
PLTW Course #1: Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
Engage students in the study of basic human physiology, especially in relationship to human health.
PLTW Course #2:
Human Body Systems
PLTW Course #3:
Medical Interventions
Students will identify a science research topic, work with a mentor from the scientific or medical community to conduct research, write a scientific paper, and defend their research conclusions to a panel of outside reviewers.
PLTW Course #4:
Biomedical Innovations
Anatomy & Physiology
Forensic Science
Introduction to Health Science Technology
Health Science Technology I,II,III
Latin I,II,III
Clinical Nutrition
Mental Health
Health Science Technology Indep. Study
and many more
Other Health Courses to Offer
White Coat Ceremony
Nursing Assistant Aide/Medical Assistant AIDE
Training with medical Institutes,
CPR Training & certification,
HIPAA certification,
Presentations with doctors, residents, patients, medical students ( Meet the Faces Event)
Special Medical Conferences
Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp
Visits to medical facilities
-Job shadowing, Community Service
Extracurricular Activities
Successful completion of previous year’s English, Math and Science classes.
Good academic and behavioral standing.
Consistent attendance record.
Completed Medical Academy application.
Completed teacher recommendation form.
Permission form and commitment letter signed by parent/guardian and student.
All students and parents will hear a presentation about the Biomedical Sciences Program in January/ February of their previous year. Those who are interested need to continue with the following application procedures

Completed application form and teacher recommendation form.
Academic background check.

Behavioral background check.

Attendance background check.

Successful interview with Medical Academy staff.

Upon Selection: Parent/guardian signature of approval and student signature of commitment.

Students can sign up for Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp
How to Apply
- Become a member of a team that shares the same interests as you

Attend special events such as presentations by medical students, doctors, residents

Field trips to medical related facilities

Get prepared for a career in the medical field.

Opportunity to experience what goes on, first hand, in health care facilities.

Potential to mentor and network with local health care professionals.

Opportunity to earn your CNA or EMT credentials.

Opportunity to earn dual credit hours from a Dual Credit program

Opportunity to job shadow with health care professionals.
Benefits to Students
Meet the Faces of Healthcare 2013

- Principles of Biomedical Sciences (PBS)
- Human Body Systems (HBS)
- Medical Interventions(MI)
- Biomedical Innovations (BI)
Students start off by investigating a crime scene where a young woman has died. Students analyze the evidence to determine the cause of death and explore aspects of her death.

Students investigate the human body systems and various health conditions including: heart disease, diabetes, sickle-cell disease, hypercholesterolemia, and infectious diseases.
Applications Start in January

Your future starts NOW!
Student projects will investigate various medical interventions that extend and improve quality of life including: gene therapy, pharmacology, surgery, prosthetics, rehabilitation, and supportive care.
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