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Animal And Plant Cells

No description

Stacy Acker

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Animal And Plant Cells

Animal and Plant Cells Altough they have simalarities to animal cells, they have different fetures
that make them different All plant cells have a membrane, nucleus, and a cytoplasm. Groups of similar cells form tissues. Tissues are groups of cells with both a shared structure and function. Plants have chloroplasts that create a process called photosynthesis. All plant cells are classified as eukaryote cells because they have a nucleus.If they don't have a nucleus they are bacteria. All plant cells yhav All plant cells yhav All plant cells yhav Certain cells of the digestive tract live for only a few days, while some immune system cells can live for up to six weeks. Pancreatic cells can live for as long as a year. Alike They both
have a
that is
like the
brain of
the cell. They both have cytoplasm, that is the gel-like substance that keeps the organellas in place They both have a cell membrane. It controls all the objects from entering and exiting the cell Both animal and plant cells have organellas which are all the objects in the cell. Plant and animal cells have a nuclear membrane that hold the nucleus in place. Plant cells Plant cells have cell walls that keep the plant standing sturdy. By...Tony Elek and Nolan Miller Animal Cells Animal cells have lysosomes that have digestive fluids that help break down the food that they recieve The main difference is that plant cells have a cell wall as well as a cell membrane. Animal cells only have a cell membrane. Animal cells have centrioles, cilia (unicelluar animal cell), and lysosomes. Plant cells have no need for centrioles because their spindle fibers connect to the cell wall. Animal cells have several vacuels and they are small unlike plant cells Plant cells have one large vacule unlike the animal cell. Thanks For Watching
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