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Harry Potter Scene Analysis

No description

Cameron Bellisio

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Harry Potter Scene Analysis

Harry Potter Scene Analysis
Cameron Bellisio
Scene 1 - Shot 1
One of the first shots during the opening scene is a shot of Dumbledore's tomb opening by itself which displays the fantasy genre. The camera angle is an eye level, long shot and establishing shot. While the tomb is opening you can hear the sound of stone grinding against stone which combines with the dark sky, hills, tall bare trees and thick fog in the mise-en-scene and there is no sound in the shot which creates an eerie atmosphere for the viewer which shows themes of horror. A green screen would have been used to create the mountains, sky and fog in the background to create the spooky atmosphere.
Scene 1 - Shot 2
After it fades to black this shot of Voldemort’s hand holding the Elder Wand; this instantly tells the audience that Voldemort has become more powerful. This shot is an extreme close up and again the dark colours, lack of sound effects and low light levels portray a sense of horror. the wand itself tells us this is a fantasy film.
Scene 2 Shot 1
In this scene there are a lot of props in the mise-en-scene; from old furniture to cups which would have taken a long time to set up and creates the cluttered and messy room of requirement. one of the reoccurring sound effects during this scene is the sound of fire and things burning and smashing. The fire snake in this shot would have been added in later using CGI. i don't know if this was intended but i think i can hear a slight hissing noise when the snake opens its mouth.
Harry Potter Analysis
Scene 1 - Shot 3
This shot is a birds eye shot of the four houses marching into Hogwarts; this shows that Hogwarts isn't the fun school it once was. The fact that the students are marching suggests the seriousness of the situation in the school to the viewer. The mist and the sound of the students marching together in time gives a foreboding effect, which relates to the horror genre. It is possible that the model of Hogwarts was used and the marching students and mist were created using CGI.
Scene 1 - Shot 6
After a fade to white the camera passes though clouds to this shot of Hogwarts, the shot types are a long shot which goes into a slow zoom. The Dementors surrounding Hogwarts in the scene give the viewer a sense of fear and danger. The mist and darkness around Hogwarts give off a sinister effect, this relates to the horror genre. This shot would have been generated using CGI and the model of Hogwarts.
Scene 1 - Shot 4
In this shot Voldemort uses the Elder Wand and then it fades to white, this shows that Voldemort can use the Elder Wand. This shot is a high angle long shot which shows the audience the extent of Voldemorts power. The beam of light which has an electricity sound effect when its fired and would have been created using CGI, the mountains and sky would have been put over a green screen. The magic in the shot tells the audience that this is a fantasy film.
Scene 1 - Shot 5
The last shot of the opening scene is a shot of the title "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2", in the famous font with the lightning bolt which forms the P this relates to Harry Porter the character. A close up which zooms in through the middle of the name (Harry Potter) and then leads to the start of the film.
Scene 2 Shot 4
In this shot Malfoy and his two friends are climbing a pile of junk (when these piles were created they had to be unsteady but safe to climb on). This is a birds eye medium shot; the birds eye view gives the viewer a sense of danger because of the fire all around beneath them. The sense of possible death relates to the horror genre. however, the fact that the fire is moving by itself and can take on different shapes links it to the fantasy genre. the fire would have been added in using CGI.
Scene 2 Shot 3
In this shot Harry runs down an alleyway to escape the fire snake and is met by another fire beast and turns to another path and the fire snake is closer. the fact that Harry, Ron and Hermione are trapped gives tension and worry of the outcome of the scene to the viewers. this shot is a eye level long shot because the focus of this shot isn't Harry but the fire and is used to amplify the feeling of danger.
Scene 2 Shot 6
Scene 2 Shot 5
Scene 2 Shot 2
In this shot Vincent Crabbe is casting the spell Fiendfyre Curse (to try and kill Harry, Ron and Hermione) which is a moving fire that can take the form of serpents, Chimeras, and dragons. The fire was added in after shooting the scene. This shot is a eye level medium long shot which shows that Crabbe can't control the spell. This tells the viewer that is an extremely powerful spell and increases tension. the wands in this shot link it to the fantasy genre.
In this shot Harry, Ron and Hermione are escaping from the fire filled room of Requirement on broomsticks but then harry decides to save Malfoy and his friend from the fire. the shot was produced using a green screen that is behind the machine that moves each Individual broomstick. the shot itself is an eye level long shot which makes the viewer Believe that Harry, Ron and Hermione are flying. the broomsticks are a link to the fantasy genre. some non-Diegetic music starts playing that Intensifies the scene for the viewer.
This is a shot of three Voldemort heads made of fire coming towards the entrance to the room of Requirement; this is because harry has just Destroyed another of Voldemort's horcruxes. The shot is an long shot which zooms into a extreme close up. The faces in the fire would have been created using CGI. The faces in the fire links to the fantasy genre. A sound of Voldemort Moaning plays as the faces get closer this is used to scare harry and the Audience, also this links to the horror genre.
Scene 1
The opening scene
Scene 2
The Room of Requirement
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