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Copy of Zoomology (Template)

레터릭 쇼

CFI cfi

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Zoomology (Template)

grant-making review meeting
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ligula...
Approach to learning
Capturing & Telling Stories.

Learning Network 2013
Strategy & Key Deliverables
Learning from our grant-making 2013

1. Hear the constituent voice - in assessment and learning
2. Ask 'what do we want to learn?' at every step
3. Consider what is the appropriate tool for assessing - will it get results?
4. Be practical - of what you ask people, don't overburden
5. Create a learning culture - honest discourse, continuous inquiry, continuous feedback, continuous improvement

Learning for Social Impact, What foundations can do: McKinsey & Company (2009)
learning from our grant-making 2013
communicating our grant-making 2013
learning from our grant-making 2013
August 15th

A Collaborative Inquiry: to strengthen both understanding & work
Round 1: 33 successful (11+8+9c+5a)
Round 2: 28 successful (11+10+5c+2a)
Invitees - grantees, CFI, Panel, others
Format of day
Speakers / Workshops
Framework around learning pilot -Problem/interventions/refine solution/outcome
Discussion on Grant Process
Capturing Feedback & Learning
Capturing stories
Post event: Then what? - Sharing learning, follow up, develop case studies?

Learning from grant-making
How we communicate that learning
Strategy 2013
Equipment Grants: Q1
documented learning
New Strategy: 2013
Exit/Implementation - communication
Managing expectations & feedback
Effectiveness & adds value
Evaluations & Reports: 2013
Develop tools to analyse - Monica
Read relevant reports & analyse
Publish findings to encourage best practice - 2 reports
Grantee Survey & relationships: Q3
Listen to grantees feedback
Learning Networks: 2013
Establish per round
Planned & timed effectively?
Documentation - criteria, application form - feedback
Decision-making - panel & scoring
Evaluation Plans
Final/Progress/Outcome Reports
Learning Networks
CommunityGrowers Fund
Impact Grants
Meetings, Reports
Tipperary Fund


What do we want to achieve?

Best medium?
1. Photos
Complement AR, websites
Store & captions
2. Reports
3. Blog/Opinion pieces
Dynamic / personal
4. Twitter/facebook
link to website for complete story
5. Videos
Click through rate
6. Case Studies

Opportunities to capture stories
1. Statistics
Outcome reports - improve
2. Bottom-up
Written outcome reports - case studies
3. Top driven
Site visits - build in post panel
4. Top down
Expert Panel /staff - our story/impact
5. Events - plan capture stories in event planning
What others do...
CF Hawai'i


Learning Driven Assessment
Ongoing Learning - are we using all our opportunities? Where does the learning go?
learning from our grant-making 2013
Wider Grants
Caring Communities
Women's issues? (WF, OLC)
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