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Haile Middle School Engineering Evan S.

A giant looking battery, with a chekered texture

Evan S.

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Evan S.

The D+ Battery The D battery is more the rather oversized battery. It has imense power, and can power many things. The D battery is nade to charge certain objects. It replaces other batteries that have run out of power This is an easy and simple object to make in Solidworks.
You can add color and texture, which obviously I didn't do. Evan's Engineering
Projects Co2 Dragster This is a project we
all do in class. We will eventually
make them and race the CO2 dragster. This is a project made in solidworks
It is due by the end of the 3rd quarter.
This is a very exciting project. How to make a PB & J
sandwhich... 1. Take the PB and J out
and put it on your table.
2. Get two pieces of bread
and put oin on your table.
3. Take the knife and insert
it into the PB or J.
4. Take some out and spread
it on one piece.
5. Take the unused ingrediant
and spread it on the other piece
of bread.
6. Take the two pieces of bread and put them together.
7. Then eat it. My CO2 dragster after filleting the edges. My Front CO2 wheel. Boat Building Job Center I picked this job because of the past expierience with Solidworks and making a boat. Also for the imense salary of: $24,960 to 46,000. You basicaly build boats and sell them for a living. You need a high quality degree in math and science. Both hands and power shop tools. Many people and places are using boats such as Military, Automotive, Areospace, and Aviation. A.C.T.E. A.C.T.E. has effected my engeneering life tremendously. It may help me later on in hopefully designing shoes and taking over my dads career. CTE in Action Last weekend I went to the movies where I expireienced CTE in action. There we saw Graphics design, Engineering. How we have advanced in Graphics and technology. CNC MILLING CNC milling stands for Computer Numerical Control. Its used to carve things out. For many reasons people design it off of computers then mill out their designs. Its often used in technology classes like this. Wind Tunnel Wind tunnels are used to test object like plane
models or dragsters. They test them before they make them to see if their officient. Depending on
the results determines if they make the model or not. They are used a lot for crafters. X, Y, and Z, axis. It relates to making a Co2 dragster, by having everything lined up and measured correctly. In CNC Milling its everything, To have it milled correctly you must have everrything lined up in order to mill out your dragster. It helps engineers make better models for things. Helps them learn new things from robots then bring them to real life. Design Process Failed Prezi Part Without a Tutorial
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