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Pondy Action Forum


Sutirtha Roy

on 17 December 2009

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Transcript of Pondy Action Forum

Pondy Action Forum Participatory Workshop in association with John Thompson & Partners John Thompson & Partners are award-winning architects and urbanists, with experience of sustainable placemaking throughout the UK and in other parts of Europe.

Over the last decade JTP has pioneered a consensus-led approach to planning through PARTICIPATORY APPROACHES!

JTP's community-led masterplanning work in Scarborough explored how the town functions physically, socially and economically and established a consensus amongst local people and businesses for how it could be regenerated.
Scarborough has won the Project of the Year category in the International Association for Public Participation's Core Values Awards 2009.
Scarborough Rennaisence and now they are in
Dublin project Brentford project PONDICHERRY! John Thompson Andreas VonZadow Charles Campion Model Participatory
Workshop At Kailash Beach Hotel Mention one key subject to develop
a sustainable masterplan
for Pondicherry and thus
our results Key themes for sustainable development Urban-Rural relationship
uncontrolled urbanisation

Farmland and agriculture
agricultural land encroachment

Quality of life
adding values to life

Governance/Law Enforcement
curbing corruption
lack of proper governance

Air Quality
pollution from traffic, industries.

1 Key themes for sustainable development 2 Clean water and hygiene
protecting water bodies
proper drainage & sewage

Green and Recreation areas
creating and maintaining parks


Solid waste Management
controlling pollution
promoting recycling, segregation

Electricity supply & efficiency
preventing power wastage
Key themes for sustainable development Public transport commuter
efficient maintainence
encouraging usage Traffic Congestion
space for pedestrians
enforcing laws
decongestion Street families & homeless
improve quality of living
welfare activities
Peoples' participation
& empowerment
spreading awareness
involving whole society Education - schools
& colleges
3 Key themes for sustainable development Industrial & commercial sites
encroachment of public spaces

Proper planned developments
unaesthetic construction
following strict codes

Security & behavioral change
apathetic citizenary
lack of concern for community
and others Health sector hospitals
hospital waste management
poor quality of care in GH

Culutral heritage
preserving built & natural heritage
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