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What is metaphor? Everyday metaphors and Personification.

Curve Learn.com

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Metaphor

it's a metaphor Have you ever
had a
ON FIRE? Did you
end up in hospital? Or was it one of those AMAZING days where everything you did turned
out PERFECTLY? maybe you n't really people use metaphors a lot
often without thinking about it A way of
putting a
picture or
an idea in
else's head ('putting a picture in
someone's head' is
also a metaphor) ...not literally. Don't panic!
I'm not really
on fire! He's very switched on skyscrapers bright student dimwit prices are rising a dirty trick here are some more metaphors... These are called
'dead metaphors' or 'conventional metaphors' she's a
doll ...a dog ...a pig ...an angel We call these conventional metaphors: the
meaning is obvious and it's old. No one knows
who first used it. pig = greedy, rolls around in dirt, gross
NOT 'lovely pink skin' or 'clever' sloth = lazy or slow
NOT 'cute and fluffy' you might have
noticed that a lot
of insults are
which compare
people to animals old goat pig sloth snake beast loanshark cow bullish weasel mouse louse rat bird whale like a lightbulb? so light you can see her
from outer space? brains dull, need brightening? Like a hot air balloon? buildings so big they put holes in the sky covered in mud? personification is a type of metaphor
where animals or objects
are given human qualities table legs armchair head of the table foot of the bed sunlight danced on the water night crept over the earth the wind whistled through the trees body parts actions emotions the storm raged, furiously the trees clustered fearfully together soft, inviting sands Personification is very similar to Anthropomorphism In this, animals are given human qualities, usually in children's cartoons or stories oh, and those people who think their pets are people Think Beatrix Potter, Walt Disney, Aesop (Aesop's Fables, the hare and the tortoise, etc) and the child having a screaming fit because someone
pulled the arm off their teddy bear. 'The world is grown so bad that wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch' (Richard III) 'the smallest worm will turn,
being trodden on' (Henry III) this gives us the phrase the worm has turned Shakespeare
had a go at using
personification... and some metaphors
are very old 'I'm on fire' comes from a time when
fire was very important, starting one was difficult and AMAZING when you managed it you might have heard
'he's a pawn in my plan' This comes from CHESS,
a pawn is a small piece,
which the player can afford
to lose or sacrifice for a
bigger reward Cannon fodder (fodder= animal feed, large numbers of tiny grains)
cannon fodder = low-ranking soldiers, 'fed' to cannons (i.e. killed by cannon fire) in large numbers. This metaphor continued to be used long after cannons were scrapped. In World War I, low-ranking soldiers were used as cannon fodder for machine guns. Like the pawns, they were treated like small, worthless pieces in a larger game. you might have heard of the Grim Reaper, but have
no idea of what reaping is reaping = cutting down or harvesting wheat
(not with scissors), but with a scythe... this is a scythe
(the blade, attached to the biro is VERY sharp... trust me). The Grim Reaper does not
harvest wheat, he harvests
people. The Grim Reaper =
the personification of
Death. Reaping = harvesting Other abstract ideas are
personified in a similar way Time waits for no man
Fortune favours the bold
A worshipper of Beauty old metaphor led on
leading up to
leading in new
metaphor bright lights
glittering cast in the driving seat new(ish) metaphor the driver controls where to go in a horse and carriage or a CAR this comes from leading a horse on a rope not candlelight but the glamour and
brilliance of electric light in control, in charge a moth to a flame This metaphor describes a
dangerous fascination. is from a time where candlelight was common. Moths were drawn to the light
getting so close many were burned. remember me? and these other examples of
personification? well, there's more... Both of Shakespeare's metaphors:
wrens taking the place of eagles
and the lowly worm that turns
and fights, describe something
turned upside down...
if you want to learn
more about the MAGICAL world of metaphors, see like this! Metaphor II let's recap what
we've learned a metaphor is for example... a lot of insults are
metaphors his girlfriend
is such describing people as
dogs is the opposite of and the END
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