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Fall 2011 INFact

A lot happens at our college that doesn't get captured in the typical tables of enrollment trends. IR staff spent a few hours in the field on the first day of class in Fall 2011 to see how busy it really is. audio/video: www.vimeo.com/28603284

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Transcript of Fall 2011 INFact

Enrolled Men
48% Troposphere Standing on top
of each other.
They would stand
35,594 Feet tall That's as high as most passenger jets fly
And well into the ozone layer Stacked on top
of each other
The guy at the
would be flat There are 83%
Whites at Ivy Tech Orientation 28% of students are
First-Time or
new Students Based on other years,
13% won't finish the semester 77% will reenroll
in the Spring

Last year, students
who had Orientation,
Academic Advising, and
IVYT 101 or 120 were
more likely to persist
and be successful
in the Spring 47% will reenroll in
the Following Fall Advising IVYT 101-120 Steps to Success Ivy Tech
Northeast Created by the
Ivy Tech- Northeast
Office of Institutional Research

When you need information,
check us out first
http://wwwcc.ivytech.edu/northeast/institutional-research/ 10% of students will graduate
from Ivy Tech within 3 years! S M T S F T W 22 AUGUST We spent an hour or so
at several locations
around campus And looked in our
computers some too. Coliseum West
Entry/Exit Cars- 330
Van/SUV- 116
Truck- 27
Motorcycle- 5
Mail Truck- 1
Bicycle- 6 6% of vehicles were pick-up trucks at Coliseum
Tech Center parking lot: 15% Finals may be closer than they appear Baseball caps- 34
Tattoos- 17
Children- 16
Sunglasses- 29
Wheelchair/Cane- 4
Talking on Cell- 16
Dancing- 1 Faculty/Staff

136 Full-Time
450+ Part-Time

304 Staff Other 3%
New Students 21%
Transfer-In 7%
Continuing 69% 100%
0% 23%
FT 77%
Adjunct Other
6% Master's
59% 25%
Bachelor's Doctoral
10% Highest Degree
FT Faculty Fall 2011 There's a lot going on
around campus. More than the usual
enrollment data might tell you S M T S F T W 22 AUGUST So on the First
Day of Classes
We looked around 42 Entered the Library

Exited 31 Students served
in just 1 hour at:

Registrar- 35
Financial Aid- 104
Security/IDs- 86 92 Entered Cafeteria (SLC) All day-
96 Daily specials
sold # Drinks Guzzled Around
Campus Student Enrollment Faculty and Staff Official Census (TDC)
Students Enrolled
11,547 Women Enrolled
6,674 or
58% of students Reaching almost
7 miles
into the
atmosphere White
68% Other 13% Black
19% Race/Ethnicity Tech Center
Parking Lot Cars- 117
Van/SUV- 45
Truck- 28
Motorcycle- 2 10-11am Bag of Choice 111- Backpack
26- Laptop/Satchel
9- Rollercase 10-11am 3:30-
4:30 Harshman Lobby 157
Exited classes, assessment, advising (12:30-
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