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Resume 2

Effective resume writing

Butch Gardner

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Resume 2

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Go to www.harding/Career/Resume_Writing.html
Questions??? CONCLUSION Speak the right language
Prove their value
Stand Out

Employers seek candidates who Survey results covering 1,000 résumés
• Targeted focus: 29% lacked a clear objective
• Value proposition: 97% offered no value/sales pitch
• Relevancy: 82% included material not related to the position
• Measurable accomplishments: 76% lacked quantifiable proof
• Spelling and grammar: 29% had errors
• Design and format: 96% submitted nearly identical to common templates
found on the Internet, books, and word processors Graham Management Group Survey Never include references in the resume
You can simply write “References available on request”
Have a separate reference page ready but avoid complete address
details in references REFERENCES Use appropriate sections to describe content.
Use simple, easy to understand language MISCELLANEOUS Header should begin with Work Experience or Job Profile.
Provide company name, position, title, location, duration and
List jobs in descending order (most recent job first).
Avoid employer full address. EXPERIENCE SECTION Provide details in chronological order.
Education/Qualifications section avoid blank spaces between
Degree i.e. M B A or B A. Should be M.B.A. or MBA.
Provide certifications as a separate section.
Avoid tables. RESUME FORMAT Use generic text type like Arial/Times New Roman with standard
font size (10, 12, or 14).
Use Microsoft Word document and save in txt or rtf formats (No
Mention name clearly may use bold/italics (up to 26 font).
Follow standard date format i.e. MM/DD/YYYY or use Month Name, Year i.e. May 2012. Whichever format you choose, use the same throughout the document. RESUME FORMAT 6. Use the “right” keywords. For example if you are in sales talk
about customer relations (onetonline.org).
7. Remain in the realm of reality.
8.One size does not fit all.
9. No need to tell your whole life story.
10. Perfection 100% is the standard. 10 RULES (cont.) 1. There are no rules.
2. Sell it to me don’t tell it to me! i.e. graduated from Harding Cum
Laude with 3.96 GPA
3. Use the “big” and save the “little.”
4. Use the “right” words, language, and tone.
5. Write in first person dropping the “I.” 10 RULES Sales and Marketing Document
Distinctive Communication Document
Dynamic Document
Powerful Tool
Résumé Landscape Biography of Your Entire Life
Dense Document With Lengthy Job Descriptions
Passive, Low-Energy Narrative Summary A RESUME IS NOT: Most Overused Words Highly Qualified
Hard Worker
Team Player
Problem Solver
People Person
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