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Robin Ash & Printzhof Press

No description

Francesca Davis

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Robin Ash & Printzhof Press

Problem Statement
Robin Ash and Printzhof Press
New Leader
* Taking Charge

*Following the Rules

*Avoid Mistakes
*Prestigious textbook publisher


*Respect & Decency


World War II Effects
*GI Bill altered societal belief

*By 1947 2.4 million enrollments

*Publishers meet student
* Culture & Business Challenges

*Technology & Strategy

*New Leader & Change agent
Robin Ash will implement an adaptive corporate culture created by management to achieve specific strategic ends.
Key Issues
* Responsibility to generate employees to move more quickly

*Enhancements & Issues with product development

*Change the laid back attitude in employees
Robin Ash recently appointed COO of Printzhof Press needs to determine how to implement the changes required to create sustainability in the organizational culture and operations.

Change Agent
Leading Change

*The Problem Solving Model

*Change Theory
Data & Facts

*Printzhof Press Slow to respond

*Growth Declined

*Earnest Nygren sold to EEH
Culture & Business Challenges
* Non-adaptive
*Good rating were given regardless
*More levels of hierarchy
Business Challenges
*Cost complaints
*Government regulation
*External competitive environment
Change Management

*Understand the need for change

*Enlist a core change team

*Develop vision and strategy

Engage the Organization

*Competitive Strategy

*Cost Analysis

*Focus on main interests
Adaptive vs. Non-Adaptive Culture
Core Values
Adaptive Corporate Cultures

Managers care deeply about customers, stockholders & employees.
Non-adaptive Corporate Culture

* Managers only care about themselves
Used books

*Printing and Packaging

*Custom Text
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