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Brian Verslues

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of SLU Law

presented by: Brian Verslues 92 average percent of alumni
employed within six months
of graduation over the last
five years U.S. News Ranking: 94
LSAT Median: full-time 157, part-time 153 (2008)
GPA Median: full-time 3.47, part-time 3.40 (2008)
Multiple LSAT scores: Higher score accepted
Application Deadlines: 02/12
Application fee: $55
Entering class size: full-time 243, part-time 88
2009-2010 Tuition : $34,180 (full-time) $24,940 (part-time)
Bar passage rate: 92.1%
Percent of graduates employed 9 months after graduation: 92%
Median private sector starting salary: $65,000 (Class of 2007, 68% reporting) http://law.slu.edu/news_center/multimedia/about_us/aboutStL.html

plus student-run
at SLU LAW 30 49
percent of full-time students
receive scholarship assistance
undergraduate institutions
average LSAT score
median undergraduate G.P.A.
scholarships awarded full-time
faculty 68 2nd
lowest cost of living among the
nation’s 20 largest metropolitan areas

100 parks including one of the
country’s largest, Forest Park

21 Fortune 1000 companies
located in the region

11 professional sports teams
make St. Louis rank as one of the
“Best Sports Cities” in the nation

2.8 million peole in greater St. Louis making it the 18th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. http://law.slu.edu/admissions/assets/SLULAW_brochure.pdf http://law.slu.edu/studentlife/organizations/current_orgs.html Organizations Stats
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