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Gods at Play-Part I

Part 1 of 2- Astrology-Mythology Lecture

Russell Ohlhausen

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Gods at Play-Part I

Precessional Divisions in the Judeo-Christian Teachings
Well, a lot of it has to do with...
For those not familiar with this format...

1. It is best if viewed in full screen for the text.
2. Use the arrow buttons to advance or reverse the frames and actions. Or advance the timeline like a video.
3. Explore the canvas: grab it and move around, also use the pop-up home & zoom buttons on the right side.
4. Zoom to media clips at anytime and press play. They activate by the path or manually.

Interact and Enjoy!
Map of the Galactic Equator in association with the Zodiacal Ecliptic
Northern View of the Path of the Pole through the Platonic Year
Overview of Axial Precession Through the Zodiac
Major Stars associated with Cycle of the Polar Angle
For More Visualization of
Axial and Perihelion Precessional Effects
The Zohar- excerpt taken from 'The Secret Doctrine'-H.P. Blavatsky (Zohar-iii., 152; Franck, 119.)
"The narratives of the Doctrine are its cloak.
The simple look only at the garment that is upon the narrative of the Doctrine, more they know not.
The instructed, however, see not merely the cloak,
...but what the cloak covers."
Works of Shakespeare
Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
Works of Goethe
The Matrix
Virgil’s Aeneid
Metamorphosis of Ovid
The Iliad
The Vedas
Mysteries of Mithra
The Odyssey
Basilides Teachings
Canterbury Tales
Finnegan’s Wake
Tales of King Arthur
Star Wars
Teachings of Krishna
Teachings of Zoroaster
Labors of Hercules
Jason and the Argonauts
Operas of Verdi
Symphonies of Mozart
Wagner's Ring Cycle
Works of Dion Fortune
And why does the Earth Precess...?
With foundations in Zodialogical Cycles, Archetypes, and Patterns
The Gods at Play:
Where Religion, Myth and Astrology Meet

As humanity attempted to explain its existence and purpose, mythology was born. In this discussion, we’ll uncover the deeper (often secret) cosmological interpretations of some of the world’s greatest myths and religious parables, and the way our stories have evolved. From hidden zodiacal truths in the Iliad, to important insight about astrological cycles in the story of Alexander the Great, to Hermes and the Tower of Babel, we’ll explore the great stories through an astrological lens in order to understand the larger patterns and cycles at work in our universe.
Addressing his disciples Jesus says:
“To you it hath been given to know the secrets of the reign of the heavens,
and these (others) it has not been given...”
Matthew 13:11
SO.... what's all of this about.....?
The Bible
An Astrological Treatise
Biblical Astro-phenomenon
Precession in the Bible
Abraham (Abram) was born in the city of Ur of the Kasdim. In Hebrew, the word 'KŜDYMf' means “astrologers”.

'AWR KŜDYMf' can be read as the "light of the astrologers".
The Talmudic texts, as well as some Midrashic sources, state that Abraham’s father Terach was an astrologer.
Cusps of the Ages
Symbolic Transference
God breathes into Adam
Aries /Pisces
Casting out of Eden
Symbolic Separation
God's breath
Creation from the Earth
Destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah
Destruction of the Golden Calf
Abraham sacrifices the Ram
Lot's Seed
Molten Gold
Blood of the Ram
Fruit of the Tree
Intercourse of Lot's duaghters
with their father
Eating of the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil
Drinking the Golden Calf
'Living Water' from the Jar
Jesus prays alone on the mountain
Last Supper/Crucifixion
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Partaking of the Blood of the Lamb
Wine, Two Fish and Loaves
Blood of the Lamb
The Woman to be at the Well
Jesus walks on Water
Apostles alone leave Bethsaida
Overview of the Ages in the Bible
Symbolic Reference
Biblical Text
God alone (before Adam)
Time of Eden
Symbolic Time Frame
Genesis 1
Time of God Alone
Time of Noah
Time of Abram
Time of Moses
Gensis 4-9; Cain, Noah, Settling of Shinar, Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah
Exodus 29, 31-40
Genesis 2-3
Adam & Eve (after Eden), Cain
& Able, Noah's Ark, Sodom &
God & nature, God & man, man
& woman,
Passover, Jewish emergence
Exodus, Mt. Sinai,
New Testament
The Gospels, various texts
Time of the Hebrews under the Torah
Military establishment of Israel
Jerusalem under Jewish control
The Pentateuch
The Old Testament
Jerusalem under non-Jewish control
Jesus away
Time of Christians under New Covenant
Symbolic Place
Garden of Eden
Plains of Shinar
Israel, Jerusalem,
Rome, Bethlehem, *Bethsadia,
*Seven Churches
Ephesus, Genessert, (Zion)
Plains of Meggido, Rock of the
coming church
Time of the Messianic Return
Time of Apocalypse
Return of the Christ Bride, Woman
with the Pitcher, Living Water
Fulfillment of Revelation, Peter
John 4:7, Ephesians
Revelation of John
Abraham, Sarah and the Angel
*note the symbol of Lion of Judah
The Beginning of Precessional Aries Ingress
Rembrandt: Abraham and Isaac: 1634; St. Petersburg
Abraham with the representation of
Aries the Ram being substituted for Isaac, the founding Father and Son of the Nation of Israel.
In the background the Ass of Aselli, one of
the biblical symbols within the Sign of Cancer, representing the closing of the Cardinal Ingress of Cancer.
The real purpose for the
story of the "sacrifice of Isaac" is that the symbolic transference of the
Age of Aries. The new Cardinal Ingress.
Laurent de La Hire, Abraham Sacrificing Isaac 1650; Musee Saint-Denis, Reims
Caravaggio; 1603
The Ram of Aries
The Regression of the Symbols
Standard of The Tribe of Judah
The Asses, Bees and other symbols for Cancer
GEMINI: Duality and the Continual Division
TAURUS: Bull to Calf
Aries: Ram, Lamb to Holy Blood
PISCES: Two Fish to Multitudes
Biblical Age of Aries:
The beginning of the next age also marks the new cardinal age; Abraham’s binding of Isaac and the appearance of the Ram marks the beginning of the arrival or cusp of the age and ingress but the Passover marks the beginning new age. By many accounts, the name Abram/Abraham (as it is changed by god to signify a transformation) holds a crucial key to the meanings of the stories. Abram has been noted by many scholars to mean “of Bram(h)a” as in of the bull and Abraham meaning the “Father of the Ram” hence Isaac being replaced by the ram during Abraham’s sacrifice, is a reference to the arrival of this Age. It is at this point marks the cardinal ingress (new season) of Aries. From here on, stories in the bible all center on the Israelites and the lineage, or “bloodline” of Abraham. The body of the Old Testament is concerned with events of this age and specific generations.
The Patriarch of the Jewish People- The Embodiment of Taurus and the Father of the Ram of Israel
**Interesting Note: "agnus" (lamb) is etymologically related to the Sanskrit "ignis" with conceptual meaning to fire, lamb and purification
Bulls worship was clear in various cultures from ancient Sumer, Babylon, Minos, Crete, Egypt
One of my favorites of the bull in the heavens
Over the centuries being a follower of the influences of the heavens has been perceived as both divine and evil according to the prevailing view of the time. Even today you will get differences of opinion on what the acronym is really about, from a simplistic public answer to the answer of learned Rabbi. Yet hidden at the origin of all faiths is the answer to this puzzle.
At the heart of each religion is astrology.
How that issue is addressed and perceived in the public realm is difficult matter.

When discussing the historical context of akum and astrology, Michael Erlwine states this about a censorship dialogue, "So sensitive were the censors about any perceived slight against Russian (Greek) Orthodoxy, that instead of saying "Speak Hebrew or speak Greek," it says "Speak Hebrew or speak the Akum language." It is quite clear that is being used in a positive connotation.
"Ovdey Kochavim U'Mazalot" -ובדי כוכבים ומז literally means "worshipers of stars and Zodiac signs"
a.k.u.m- (Hebrew acronym)
Akum- good or bad...
But is it just another term for 'goy' or gentile or is it something else all together?
The Bible is filled with direct references to stars, planets, signs in the heavens, specific constellations, astronomical accounting, and direct discussion of astrology and the Zodiac.
Arguably, there are over 260 direct celestial mentions in the Bible....


And the Biblical structure from Genesis to Revelation is framed in the Ages of Precession
Astrological Society of Austin Lecture 15MAR13
PART 1 of 2

Prior to discovering astrology at the center of all crossroads, Russell was a student of Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, traveling extensively in South East Asia, Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia. In former lives he studied history, science and psychology at Texas A&M at Navarro, served in the U.S. Navy, volunteered as adviser to orphanages and youth organizations in various parts of the world, and worked as a builder and architectural designer for historic homes here in Austin, where he currently resides. Today, Russell is focused on creating tools and resources to help reintegrate the ancient wisdom and sciences into the everyday lives of creative leaders, professionals and big thinkers, to build practical systems for world change.
has practiced Western astrology for 13 years. As a writer and researcher, his work reflects a longtime study science, religions, myths, and astrological systems —and what they reveal about the nature of human consciousness.
Precession of the Equinoxes
*Zoom of the constellation Pisces
But let's get a better perspective...
What do Jesus, Caesar, Alexander and the Buddha all have in common? Why did Moses force the Israelites to consume a "molten image" of a gold calf? Is the story of Jesus walking on water a veiled astrological metaphor? Do the Bible stories reveal "precession of the equinoxes"?
The Earth travels through one complete axial precession cycle in a period of approximately 25,920 years, during which the positions of stars will slowly change; the change is actually due to the change of the coordinates. Over this cycle the Earth's north axial pole moves from where it is now, within 1° of Polaris, in a circle around the ecliptical pole with an angular radius of about 23.5 degrees or 23 degrees 27 arcminutes. The path is marked on the ecliptical plane as it passes through the constellations of the Zodialogical (ecliptical) circle. For our purposes we are dealing with the cultures of the Mid-East and Mediterranean regions and the stories evolved from the western Zodiac. The cycle of this path is in reverse order from the traditional direction of the Zodiac. In esoteric philosophy, this is known as the Path of the Soul of Humankind, the evolution of consciousness.
As time passes, the stars “move” or appear to change in relation to surrounding stars. The pole star also changes, as Earth’s polar direction moves through the Precessional circle. The polar alignment is moving away from Polaris (the North Star) had headed towards the constellation Cepheus and gamma-Cephei. Over time, the northern precessional circle will take the path of our pole through Deneb, Vega and Arco Draconis among others and through large areas of no stars, simply dark space.
Essence of Mythology
What are 'we' telling ourselves about ourselves....
Many parallel stories in the world mythologies have led scholars to believe that at least some of those stories have direct line of relation to myths in much older cultures, other religions and mystic traditions. Taking this back one more step, one must look to a point of origin for these stories, the reasons and meanings for the original myths; myths that were written into the stars in most every ancient society.
*Axial Precession is estimated around 26,00 years.
Well, there is the current dominate mainstream theory that is told to the general public referred to as the luni-solar cycle which places the cause of Earth's wobble inside our solar system.
But then there is the more likely cause of this slow wobble of the Earth (and most likely the other planets in our Solar System).. that our Sun system is in a binary association with another primary star...
Binary Orbits of Suns
The Movement of the Suns around a barycenter
The orbits of the dual sun systems take approximately 26,000 years. The energy exchanged between the two systems could be called a solar pulse or a slow breath of our local cosmic system as the energies come together.
The current ecliptical path showing equinoxes & solstices
Just a short little clip with a nice perspective of the current equinox points.
The video quality of this clip isn't stellar but it is very informative. About 7 mins. James Earl Jones narrator.
Why was the Platonic year attributed to Plato?
The Great Year or Platonic Year (Latin: annus platonicus) was named after Plato because of his conviction of the intimate relationship between space and time. Plato believed that the heavens were "designed" for the measurement of time. Plato in his work 'Timaeus' defined the "perfect year" as the return of the celestial bodies (planets) and the fixed stars (circle of the Same) to their original positions. He called one complete cycle of the bodies in this configuration a Perfect Year. By extension, the term "Great Year" can also be used for any concept of eternal return in the world's mythologies or philosophies.
Plato's Great Year
To help bring it in to focus...
We all know this part of our neighborhood and how it cycles....
But how about this part and its cycles....
Most of the great mythologies of the world have to do with the the movements of the planets and the movements of the Suns in our local galactic corner of space... and how those cycles affect Earth and humanity...On our great conscious journey...
Precession is a key part of those mythologies. Mythologies that have shaped religion, culture and the very nature of mankind.
The Celestial Path
of Earth's Pole
Zoom-in and access as you see fit!
The stories and mythologies of our cultures have helped shape our world...

A complex web of social hierarchy has been constructed by placing one mythology upon on another or mythological belief system battling for dominance. The myths have shaped religion, and religion has shaped society; society has shaped forms of government... and the inverse is also true. But all of these parts of human nature are guided by one thing, the influence of the heavens.
The book of mythology that has dominated the Western World for nearly two millennia has been.......
Did you know the Hebrews distinguished the gentiles by those who did or did not follow the Zodiac?
Quote Reference :
The basic premise of myth is intended to veil a greater truth. Keeping these truths hidden from the masses has been in the best interest of scholarly would-be messengers in order to avoid ridicule from those who follow their faiths and traditions blindly or to simply for the sake of preserving a cultural status quo but we are entering a time that people will no longer settle for just what they have been told.
END OF PART 1of 2 of this Presentation
Please click here for Part 2:
The "framework" of the Bible is guided by Precession
The aged lion (shahal)
yields to the younger lion (ari/lavi)
becoming the young cub (gur/kefir)
LEO: Old Lion to young Lion
"Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet."
Riddle to Samson-Judges 14:14
In the structure of the Bible, symbolic connection to the Signs of the Zodiac can be identified in various associations with each other. Sometimes in polarity with one another (Virgo-Pisces), sometimes by quadruplicities (Leo-Taurus-Aquarius-Scorpio), sometimes in standard order (Cancer-Leo-Virgo), and sometimes in reverse or regression of standard order (Taurus-Aries-Pisces). Each of these is describing another view of the Zodiacal layout of the Bible. For the overall structure of Precession we see the regression concept occurring repeatedly in short parables and as the primary backdrop.
The sign of Cancer is in many ways and enigma. Over the aeons it has likely been the most diversely represented of the signs. As the Alluttu (mysterious water creature of Babylon), tortoise, the two asses, the hair around the lion's muzzle, scarab, water beetle, crib/manager, womb, queen bee/bees/beehives/honey, Gate of the Underworld, border of life and death, and so on.

The bee between the lips of the sun-god was intended to point him out as “the word”; for dabar, the expression which signifies in Chaldee a “Bee,” signifies also a “Word”. In the beginning was the "word" (dabar-(Deborah) the bee.) Symbolic demarcation of Leo and Cancer.
"...he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion: and, behold, there was a swarm of bees in the carcass and inside there was honey. He scraped it out into his hands, and went on eating as he went."
Also known as Praesepe (Latin for "manger", and of course used later in the Bibcle), stellar 'cluster' in the sign of Cancer, between the Asselli, Northern and Southern Assess.
The Beehive Cluster,
Parallels in language and meaning
Ancient Chinese astronomers referred to the Western sign Cancer and its lunar mansion as Tseih She Ke or "exalted pile of corpses/carcasses". The English word used in the Samson story for the body of the lion is "
ass". In Greek and in Sanskrit "
s" refers both to Cancer (and cluster). Cicero and many writers referred to the Sign of Cancer as "
" and death/'tomb'. In Hebrew the word for carcass/corpse is "
l", as used in the book of Judges in the Samson story. Hebrew
was also the ball of the scarab beetle connected to Egyptian mythology of Cancer. The concept of carcass can be linked from Hebrew to Sanskrit and through to Chinese, associated with the Sign of Cancer.
Samson, the lion carcass, the bees and the honey
Samson, last of the Judges of Judah
Samson: 'Shim(a)shon'-Šimšôn in Tiberian, Šamšūn. The name "Samson" is derived from the Hebrew word "shemesh" or "chemmah", which means the Sun or "a Sun and shield".

Samson, "the last Judge" in one account, pulls a young lion apart with his hands, in essence overcoming the 'wild' part of the power within himself.
Šimšha and Ari
Kes-arī, siṃha and Ari-shimha: in Sanskrit the word for both lion and the sign of Leo is
. One aspect of the Hebrew concept for Sun derives from the Sumerian "
" or ha

connecting the lion and the Sun in both root languages.

The Hebrew term Ke'
and the Sanskrit term Kes-
both mean "like a lion". The Vedic 'N
is the "sun-lion", the future savior, just as Christ is the future of "lion of Judah" in Revelation.
The lion is the most mentioned wild animal in the Biblical texts. Its themes run from the early old testament to the future prophecies of John regarding the destiny of Israel. The Lion of Leo is the icon of source of power of the ruling Israelite tribe of Judah.
The Standard of the Tribe of Judah
From Biblical Description -A. Kircher
Da'ath: Sirius-Hidden Knowledge
Why so Sirius...?
Sirius, aka Alpha Canis Majoris, aka Dog Star, is the brightest star in the sky, magnitude of -1.43. Sirius is so bright relative to the other stars that it’s off the astronomer’s magnitude scale. Its connection to ancient Egypt is perhaps the most notorious, but other cultures were heavily invested in an apparent appreciation of the star as well.

The Akkadian name was Mul-lik-ud” (“Dog Star of the Sun”) and in Babylonia, Kakkab-lik-ku (“Star of the Dog”). Assyrians, called Sirius, Kal-bu-
(“the Dog of the Sun”), and in Chaldea, the star was Kak-shisha (“the Dog Star that Leads”) or Du-shisha (“the Director”). The later Persians referred to Sirius as Tir, meaning “the Arrow.”
Sefirot: Tree of Life
The Kabbalahic Sephirot, "tree of life", is considered the path through which "the infinite self" reveals its nature to humanity. The Qabbala is a set of esoteric teachings that are meant to explain our relationship to mortality, the heavens and to the infinite nature of being. It is an integral part of the origins of Judaism and thus Christianity.

The Da'ath in the upper center pillar of the tree is representative of the star Sirius. It borders what is referred to as the Abyss, bridging the male and female aspects. It is also seen at the "Sephirot outside of the Sephirot", also lending itself to the meaning of the Sun outside of our Sun system.
Shema Lion Seal of Israel
The Seal of Shema, inscribed in Hebrew from around 800BCE. "Servant of Jeroboam" is also inscribed.
The Celestial Symbols are 'regressed' by several methods. One is by reverse aging, as in the cases generally with Leo and by direct inference of that reverse aging with Taurus and Aries. The regression (or morphing of the symbols) also takes place at the various cusps and through the passage of the Signs in reverse order, as they associate with stars and structures within the constellation or their imagery, as with Cancer.
Patterns of Regression
CANCER: Eden, The Fall, The Golden Honey
Our march 'backward' through the Zodiac
The Bees of Constellation of Cancer facing the mouth of the Leo lion. Designated the M-44 stellar cluster.
"And they came to a place near Bethsadia (House of the Fish), crowds followed him there...". All four of the Canonical Gospels state that Jesus blesses the five loaves and "two fish", and distributes them to the five thousand.
The "multitudes" or
the many fish of Pisces.
In the main structure of the Biblical texts there is only the understanding of "god alone" with all the creation-before Adam. Esoterically this can be understood as a'lone' relating to a'
n' and in
-iatry as in Sol, for the Sun; the emphasis here being a central self. God then transfers his energy into Adam and places him in the Garden of Eden, which becomes the mother womb of Cancer.
The Galactic Center
...and that star is
Here's what it looks like with the Sun...
Pluto is also in a binary system with its body Charon
The system is created by a barycenter of gravity that lies out side of either body. Neither mass actually occupies the gravity well that is the center of the orbital path. So bodies appear to circle each other.
The barycenter is approximately here.
What it looks like on the constellational pathway.....
What it meant to the ancient world...
Simulation of binary stellar energies....
You may wish to go full screen. This video shows a good overview of the cycles. **Please
the opening Title and Graphics!
Cycles in Motion with the Zodiac
Earth motion and Luni-Solar Theory
For fair balance, this is a description of the Earth's motion around the Sun but the Precession is described as being the effect of the Moon and Sun (luni-solar) not by another gravitational pull such as Sirius.
It is written in symbolic language of the cosmos and every character and every story is a veiled astronomical allegory.
Divine Bees on the Sun disk of sacred honey- 700 BCE
Asellus Borealis- The sacred ass
Granite Scarab in Egypt in the British Museum
Praesepe and the Lion
"...and he took the calf the people had made and smelt in the fire; then he ground it to powder, scattered it on the water and made the Israelites drink it."
Apis: the young Bull of Egypt
Notice the serpent at the central pineal point
Bulls of Babylon; The Ishtar Gate
The Golden Calf of Aaron
The Biblical narratives are not entirely chronological (as most theologians would attest to) but the stories following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah are the main marker for the beginning of the Age of Taurus and ending with the Golden Calf.
Carcass, bees to honey
Each Age has its end
The initial symbols for Age of Cancer begin as god transfers energy into Adam and establishes him within Eden. Eden is the Womb of Creation where all things are still functioning in unity. Eden essentially is the "prologue", the seed of how to understand the Cancerean metaphor. The Fall from the Garden of Eden is the end of the prologue. Other stories and symbols later on in the Bible make reference to the Precessional aspect of the Age. One in particular is that of Samson and the Lion.
Adam and Eve, now older and ejected from the Garden of Eden are the beginning of the Age of Gemini. The Fall of the Tower of Babel heralds the beginning of the end, and the destruction of the the two cities being the last act.
Adam and Eve cast out of Eden
Cain and Able make their
offerings Yahweh
Cain cursed, now forced to build the
City of Enoch- East of Eden in Nod.
Nimrod also a builder of cities on the
Plains of Shinar (land of two cities) fails with
the Tower of Babel and then builds Babylon
The twin cities of Sodom and
Gomorrah are destroyed by Yahweh
As an epilogue to the story of the Age, Lot passes his seed to his young daughters in an incestuous act, who in turn give birth to two nations; the Moabites (relations of the father bull) and Ammonites (relations of the ram god). The essence of the Age still represented as division through the next ages.
The Age of Pisces is dealt with in the Christian New Testament, essentially through the Book of Jude.
Three thousand years before Virgil, the Egyptian oracles foretold the coming of the age of "dreaded fish," when Egypt, its language and religion would be destroyed and lost forever. It was the will of the Gods, and while fish was forbidden to be eaten by any priest, the priests and priestesses were, nevertheless, resigned to their fate.
Ab-raham replaces Isaac with
the Ram of the Nation of Israel
Holy Blood Sacrificed
Christ as the Lamb of God
The regression theme of the ram to lamb to blood is one of the simplest to identify in the biblical text. Essentially the The Old Testament after Abraham deals with the Age of Aries. The Age shifts at the Birth of Jesus of Marking a new path for both Jews and Gentiles.
The Apostle without Christ, just as they are without his guidance after the Death and Resurrection
A little follow-up the start of the Aries Ingress- The "celestial season" we are in now
It all going on out here.....
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