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hamlet-lion king comparison

No description

hayley Morlock

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of hamlet-lion king comparison

Hayley, Dominic, Ryan,
and Sara Hamlet-Lion King Comparison The Lion King is a movie based off of the classic play "Hamlet" written by William Shakespeare. Throughout the movie there are many instances which parallel those found in the book. Simba and Hamlet Intro Scar and King Claudius Jealous brother of Mufasa
Power hungry
Kills brother (Mufasa)
Deceives Simba in order to
take the throne
Fights Simba and dies Nala and Ophelia Childhood friend to Simba
Falls in love with Simba
Convinces Simba to return to the
Pride Lands
Independent Lioness Sirabi and Gertrude Rafiki and Horatio Son of Mufasa and the rightful heir to Pride Rock.
Feels responsible for his father's death. Son of King Hamlet
and rightful heir to
the country of
Overwhelmed with
sadness from his
father's death. Mufasa and King Hamlet The original king of Pride Rock.
Betrayed by his brother Scar in order to take over Pride Lands. - The King of Denmark.
Was betrayed by his brother
Claudius in order to take over Denmark Kills King Hamlet to take throne
Marries Hamlet's mother Gertrude
Banishes Hamlet to England
Tries to kill Hamlet
Dies in the end of the play Hamlet's love interest
Daughter of Polonius
Used as a pawn to extract information
from Hamlet
Commits suicide after the death of
her father
Emotionally unstable
Fun Fact: she a hoe Mufasa's wife
Simba's mother
Goes against Scar when he
takes over
Still supports Mufasa after
his death Wife of King Hamlet
Hamlet's mother
Marries King Claudius Friend to Mufasa and Simba
Knowledgeable of many things
Looked at as a wise fool
Guides Simba when he is lost Good friend of Hamlet
Well known as a scholar
Tries to help Hamlet in any way possible This scene represents the death of the King who was killed by his brother. Scar takes the life of Mufasa in order to take his place as the ruler of the Pride Lands. Scar was envious of his brother's power and would do anything to obtain it for himself. Simba was struck with grief after witnessing his father's death. He was incapable of taking action just as Hamlet was unable to act on his father's death. They both went into a deep depression, losing any motivation and ambition they once had. Scar has convinced Simba to run away from the Pride Lands by making Simba believe that he caused his father's death. He did this to eliminate all obstacles in taking power. As said by Claudius, "Hamlet, this deed... For that which thou hast done - must send thee hence with fiery quickness... To England." King Claudius entices Hamlet to leave Denmark because Hamlet is becoming a threat to his ruling. In this clip Scar sends the hyenas to kill Simba, mirroring Claudius's orders to kill Hamlet when he went off to England. Just like Rosencrants and Guildenstern are pawns in Claudius' plan to kill Hamlet, the hyenas are enlisted by Scar for the same purpose. The hyenas also fail to carry out this act, like Rosencrants and Guildenstern do. Rafiki guides Simba to where he can talk to the ghost of Mufasa. Mufasa inspires Simba to stand up and take his rightful place as King of the Pride Lands. Like the ghost in Hamlet, Mufasa's ghost frees Simba of the guilt and responsibility he feels for his father's death. As stated by the ghost of King Hamlet, "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." Mufasa's ghost is the one thing that convinced Simba to return to the Pride Lands, and gives meaning to his fight for his place as King. This is the final scene where Simba enacts his revenge on Scar. It reflects Hamlet's stand against Claudius in which he kills him. Hamlet says in the play, "Here, thou incestuous murderous, damned Dane, Drink off this poison. Is thy union here? Follow my mother." Although Sarabi and Simba live, the antagonist in both are put to justice.
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