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Edison Student

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of p7ma

The Middle Age's R. E. C. I. P. E Religion ( beliefs) had chistianity. Also had muslims. The Crusades was a series of wars that
went on for 200 years between the Islam and
Christians that wanted jerusalem. Also the Crusades started in 1095. When the great cathedrols
of Erupe were built, the christian church was the most importent institution and everybody prayed all the time. Environment
( climate, natural
Features etc. ) The exact location of
Erupe is 50 d.N. and 30 d.
E. The main mountian
range is Ural mountians The black plague know as the black deth, it killed 1 out of every 3 people in Euripe.It started in Erupe in 1328 and lasted until 1351. Also 7500 people of the disease were dying every day!! Also the main river was
Danube river Culture! Had 15 different languages. The different seasons and months
are celebrated with Religious Feasts
and Festivals. Most people in the middle ages
wore woolen clothing, with undergarments
made of linen. Brighter colors, better materials, and
a longer jacket were usually signs of greater wealth. Politics ( Goverment ) The magna carta means great paper, what it did was it made the king not have as much power and it shows what the people and king can do.Also the people got more rights. Feudalism is a contract in which the king
sign land to the nobles, called vassal, and in
return for military service. Many many people traded for
their business some people would
be crafts people, merchants, nights
and bakers also candle makeing. Inventions The water mill You know that paper was from china, but Erupe was the one how got the paper and they made the printing press. Liquor The clock The feudal society was constructed for one rason:secuity. The nobles wanted the security of maintaining control over their far-reaching kingdoms and so they were forced to dlegare power to local control. Economy after the fall of Rome, people
used mony less than they had before
and instead mostly lived off of what they
produced themselves, or what they could make other people give them. During the high middle ages the Crusades helped to increase the amount of trade in the mediterranean The Crusades At a festival. By Olivia West
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