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The Life of Wilma Rudolph

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of The Life of Wilma Rudolph

The Miracle
- Wilma Rudolph got tired of the brace and with the help of some friends, she would exercise her leg daily
- One Sunday at church she bravely took off her brace and tried/started to walk
- Now everyone in Clarksville knew Wilma Rudolph was walking!
The Athlete
Her brilliant professional athletic career ended with her retirement in 1962 and she retired from amateur athletics in 1963. Wilma
then finished her college work, became a school teacher and athletic coach devoting herself to worked extensively with
underprivileged children.
November 12, 1994, Wilma Rudolph died at her home in
Brentwood, Tennessee, of a brain tumor.
She is survived by an amazing family and a truly inspirational legacy.
The Wilma Rudolph Foundation is dedicated to promoting amateur
Rudolph was a member of the United States Olympic Hall of Fame and the National Track and Field Hall of Fame
Early Years of Wilma Rudolph
-Wilma Rudolph was born on 6/23/1940
-She was born in Clarksville, Tennessee
-Wilma was diagnosed with the Polio when she was 5 years old
-Wilma got double fever when she was very young
-Wilma had to wear a metal brace on her leg so that she could stand and walk
-Her brace would often hurt her leg
The Life of Wilma Rudolph
Once Wilma Rudolph started walking she started basketball like her sister but one day while she was playing a game, a track coach came to watch and asked her to join the team she agreed.
When she started she was really good as
she got older she became the best.
She joined the American Olympic team and
participated in 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy representing USA where she won two gold and one bronze medal

The Retirement
Towards the end..
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