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No description

tara basra

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Me!

Tara Basra!!!
Facts about me!
I have dark brown hair and eyes. I am in Year 6. I have a mum,dad and sister. I have 2 best friend called Eve and Lubna. I am a Sikh. I am 10 years old, my birthday is on the 26th of August 2003.
What I like doing!
I like swimming, art, music and karate. In swimming I passed all 10 levels and in karate I am on blue belt which is 4 belts away from black belt.
What do I do in my holidays?
My dad works for British Airways so we can go to a lot of places. Every year in the Winter holidays we usually go skiing in the French Alps. In the Easter holidays we usually go the Goa, India. In the Summer holidays we would go to Thailand because my granddad has an apartment out there. We do some times change were we go but that is our usual places.
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