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Greek Theater

No description

gs students

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Greek Theater

Greek Theater
Tragedies always had a sad ending. Comedies always had a happy ending. And satires poked fun at real people and events.
What they look like
The theaters were open air and built in a semi-circular shape with rows of tiered stone seating around it. In the center of the theater was a circular dancing floor, with an altar for sacrifices dedicated to Dionysus.

Greek theater was all about
Every town had at least one open air theater.
The Greeks were very competitive. They would have contests the would compete to see which town had the best theater.
The story was told out loud by a Greek chorus. The story was acted out by performers who did not speak.
The same actor might play several different roles. All he had to do was switch masks. Still, it took talent to be a great actor, just as it does today.
The theaters are very big.
Winning were treated with great respect almost as much as the Olympic winners.
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