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How tall is that Jumbotron?

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Kyle Weyeneth

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of How tall is that Jumbotron?

Kyle Weyeneth
DL 5103

Have you ever asked the questions:

How tall is that?
What exactly would it take to figure out the height of that object?

PBL Model
The problem is the focus

Teacher facilitated, student centered

Provide students with choices

Enhance critical thinking
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
"An innovative approach to instruction, UDL assists teachers as they meet the educational needs of increasingly diverse learners in schools" (Kurtts, 2006).
Posing the Big Question:
Just how tall is our high school's jumbotron?

Students will begin an investigation into angles of elevation and depression

Research on tools, apps, and other means of generating the angle needed will ensue
Problem Based

Learning (PBL)

Model For Geometry
Big Question
How can we calculate the height of the Jumbotron that is located at the football field?
Students will work inside and outside of the classroom to solve the problem

Students will utilize technology throughout the solving process
Students have a choice on their approach to the problem and how they will present

Students will create their own action plan for solving the problem
(Smith, Sheppard, Johnson, & Johnson, 2005, p.3)
Action Plan
Each group creates their own action plan

This outlines how they will gather the measurements needed to solve the problem
Review of Action Plan
Action plans are submitted for review prior to gathering measurements

This submission provides me with an opportunity to intervene or provide additional support where needed
Execution of Action Plan
With an approved action plan, gathering measurements begins
Group presentations will be to the class using an electronic presentation tool
Presentation Includes:
Action Plan (revisions if applicable)
Resources Utilized
Measurements Taken
Calculations Made
Height of the Jumbotron
Challenges Encountered
Evaluation of Results
After all groups have presented, discussion and evaluation of the results begins.
Discussion topics include but are not limited to:
causes for error
areas for improvement
Smith, K., Sheppard, S., Johnson, D., & Johnson, R. 2005. Pedagogies of engagement: Classroom-based practices.
Journal of Engineering Education
, 1-15.
Kurtts, S. 2006. Universal design for learning in inclusive classrooms.
Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education, 1(10)
Homemade Clinometer
Cell Phone Apps
Measuring Wheel
Measuring Tape
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