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Summer School

No description

Ezra Aldern

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Summer School

Credit Recovery Summer School 2011 CLC Schedule

Class 1 8-8:55
Class 2 9-9:55
Class 3 10-10:55
Class 4 11-11:55
ATTENDANCE is required every day!
3 absences=DROPPED
COMPLETE all class work
Be RESPECTFUL towards staff and students at all times
PROFANITY will not be tolerated
15 or 50
Students must be in DRESS CODE when they arrive at school each day Student Expectations Clothing must fit the body
No tank tops or spaghetti straps
No gang apparel/colors and or bandanas
No hats
Anything that distracts or interferes with the educational process or is inappropriate for school is not allowed
Dress Code High School Diploma=23 credits

6 classes a semester =3 credits
2 semester a year =6 credits
4 years of high school =23 credits

Having a High School Diploma=Opportunities
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