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Everyday by David Levithan

No description

Arianne Dela Cruz

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Everyday by David Levithan

Every day by David Levithan
Analysis by Arianne Dela Cruz
Every Day
is a story of person named
who wakes up every morning in a different body. He would inhabit a body of a person and spend only a day living his or her life. This is his unfortunate ability to switch from people to people day after day. In this story, A is never the same person twice. This means that he is merely a soul who transfers body to body literally every day. He does not have his own gender, race, body figure and family. However, the only thing that stays in the same range is his age, from which is currently in the age of 16. He only inhabits the body of a person having the same age. A had been in this situation even at an early age. He had been adjusting to people’s lives as A tries to access and dig into the memory of his host in order live with it as how it should be. This already became his norm and routine in his everyday life. However, A then meets a girl named Rhiannon from which A falls head over heels with. After a day of spending time with her, A soon find ways in order to reconnect with her despite his situation. Along the way, A meets several challenges and issues towards the revelation of truth. One would involve the issue with Nathan, who A once inhabited, and the other with Rhiannon. The story goes on as A and Rhiannon tries to cope up and find a resolution to the complicated situation that they are in.
In my opinion, Literature is a piece of art with a message to influence, inform, inspire, and educate their readers. These are created by individuals from their experiences and perspectives on the situations and things around them.
About the author:
David Levithan
was born in
September 7, 1972
in Short Hills, New Jersey.
graduated from
Brown University with a double major degree in English and Political Science
in the year of 1994.
an award winning author who writes stories and novels under the
young-adult fiction category.
spends his days in New York City editing and publishing other people’s books. He does this during his spare time (when he is not writing)
first book that he published back was
Boy Meets Boy (2003)
- made a
contribution to the genre of the LGBT
(Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) novels.
he features a
strong male gay character
in some of his novels
Other of his literary works would include
The Realm of Possibility
Are We there yet?
Wide Awake
Love is the higher law
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
The Lover’s Dictionary
Every You and Every Me
(2012) and many more.
Connections between the author’s life, culture, and the
literary text

David Levithan had a
happy childhood and adolescence
experience. He had lived in New Jersey ever since he was young, and up to the present he still lived near his roots. This can explain his attachment to his adolescent years which
shows his interest in writing stories and novels under the young-adult genre
. In relation to the literary text entitled Every day, wherein the main character named A wakes up in a different body and in a different life each day. In this case, the main character has no specific gender, race, and parents. He is merely a soul or “self” who inhabits a different host each day. This could somehow be connected to the life of David Levithan since David himself has an
homosexual orientation
. Similar to what A had experience throughout the story; he was trying to figure out who he really was since he did not have his own identity. In Levithan’s case, he was able to go through the same situation in
understanding his true sexuality
. Just like in the story, it tells us that one’s gender or physical appearance should not be the focus or basis for the person’s real identity. It is what is
inside of this person that matters the most
. Moreover similar to A, he experiences love where he didn’t really thought would be present. In Levithan’s case,
he finds love through literature and writing
David Levithan had already been into writing even back in his middle school days wherein he wrote
short stories about romance
as well. He wrote the literary text entitled Every Day since he loved the idea of
exploring a story that would answer a number of his questions.
One of Levithan's question throughout the book was:
Why did you choose
this book?

I chose Apaul Jacob's recommendation on the book entitled Every Day by David Levithan since I have always liked reading novels that would fall under the romance and fiction category. Another reason is that I have already been hearing a number of good comments regarding the book, which is why I decided to read this first among all of the selections provided.
"Can love conquer it all?"
The story takes place in the 21st century in the United States of America. Since the main character in the story usually travels from one body to another, he also tends to travel to different states. In support to this statement, places such as Maryland, Minnesota, Carolina, Mexico, Montana and Virginia were stated. However, most of the events took place in Maryland. The exact year was not specified, but I assume that was around the year 2004-2012. This is due to the social media that they utilized in the story. This involved the use of Facebook, Google, email and blogs by the characters. Moreover, the use of gadgets such as computers, games consoles and cell phones by the characters could also indicate the modern time setting. Contrast to the readings that we had in class, this takes place in a more current period.
The setting affects the other elements of the story in a way that is
affects the atmosphere or mood reflected in the scene
. An example setting would be in the
beach and park
where Rhiannon and A had spent their time together. These places would symbolize an area which brings the feeling of calmness and relaxation. These places would represent a place of discussion and reflection among the characters. Another example of setting could be in the
house of Steve
or the place where the party A had attended took place while he was inside the body of Nathan. Such setting could symbolize noise and chaos due to the activities done that time. This was also the place from which one of the conflicts had rooted from. Similar to
Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”
wherein it illustrated a change in the mood as well due to the change in setting. A specific example from this would involve the
as a private place of reflection and contemplation for the character. This just explains how the change in setting can significantly affect and change the story.
rising action
Begins in day 5994, wherein A wakes up in the body of a boy named Justin. A lives the life of Justin for a day and meets Justin’s girlfriend named Rhiannon for the first time. A became drawn to her as A felt a strong connection with Rhiannon during that day. Starting that moment, A had the urge to form connections with Rhiannon. It was the first time wherein he went against the normal routine of a person in order to prioritize his own decisions. That was first time wherein he realized that wanted to have something more constant in his life.
falling action
After that spontaneous day with Rhiannon, he starts to use the other bodies that he inhabits in order to meet with Rhiannon again. This is the portion where we also learn more from the lives of the people that A had lived in. However, an incident happened after A used the body of a boy named Nathan. During that day, A had pretended to be a gay cousin of Steve Mason, the host of the party, in order to start a conversation with Rhiannon. They got along very well as they bonded throughout the party. The party was suddenly interrupted when the police started to arrive. Due to the intense situation, they parted ways but managed to get their contact details. Nathan was then left inside of his car along the interstate since A didn’t have enough time to drive all the way back to Nathan’s.

The commotion started when Nathan woke up the next day without any clear idea of what really happened. Even Rhiannon found out that something was wrong since she figured out that he was not a real cousin of Steve. The story of Nathan soon went viral, up to the point wherein he had to ask for the support of the media and the church. The story of Nathan intensifies as other people from the area claim to have been possessed as well. Rhiannon also started questioning A on what really happened that day. The conflict started to rise and the truth started to reveal. A received an email from Nathan stating that he will not let A posses him or destroy his life. Nathan did not stop until A finally gives an explanation. He assumes that it was a devil that possessed him and made him to those things to him. However, A did not want to reveal himself to Nathan at first since he did not trust him, but instead told Rhiannon the truth behind everything. She doubted A’s explanation and asked for proof. A then reveals his story to Rhiannon for the first time and meets with her when given a chance in order to show the new host that he is occupying. Rhiannon starts to grasp and accept the information given by A. After a while, A then confesses his feelings to Rhiannon. However, Rhiannon tells A that they could not be together.

Rhiannon and A became distant to one another. A becomes bothered by the fact that they seemed a little off after his confrontation and after the incident that they had with Justin during dinner. However during one day, A inhabits the body of Rhiannon. Rhiannon figures it out and told A to meet with her. Soon enough they became back to normal and Rhiannon soon develops her feelings towards A. After her breakup with Justin, Rhiannon feels more towards A but she is quite unsure if it was possible to be with him. This is also the time when A decided to prove his explanation to Nathan.
A decides to forget the issue that he had with Nathan and try not to be bothered with it as much as possible. On day 6033, A occupies the body of a boy named Alexander who he feels to have similarities with his own personality. Due to his love for Rhiannon, he decides to make her happy by bringing and introducing Alexander to her life. He wanted Alexander to learn on how to love Rhiannon in his own way. A feels that this is the best decision in order for Rhiannon to have a normal and happy relationship.

Comparing the novel to another romantic-fiction story that I have read before entitled
The Time Travelers wife by Audrey Niffenegger
, I can say that it had similarities in terms of their plot. In both of the stories, the exposition started as it presented the characters and an underlying conflict related to the character. In both stories, their exposition would involve how the main character and their loved one meet for the first time. Unlike in other stories, these would be present in the middle or latter part of the story. Also, both of these stories involved a
or a retrace of memory in it. For the story of Every Day, there was a presence of a flashback as A recalls the people he once inhabited and the memories that he had while staying in the body of this host. On the other hand, the story of The Time Traveler’s Wife had something similar as the main character, Henry, remembered the memories that he had with his family.
•The story uses the
1st person point of view
in the text. In this novel, the main character, A, himself is telling the story.
Through the use of the first person point of view, the readers get to fully understand the
thoughts of the narrator
. This is for the reason that the speaker explains it
the way he perceives things
. The message would seem to be
as it would be coming from the side or the opinion of the speaker. If it were to be told in a different POV, some of the ideas of the character would be
. In addition, the
connection between the character and the reader
would be affected if a change in POV would take place. If the story did not have a first person point of view, then we would basically have no idea about the history and condition of A since it was only A who knew about his life and situation.
Among the stories that we have taken, the story of
William Carlos Williams
The Use of Forc
e resembles it's POV the most. Both of these stories use the first person point of view as the main character serves as the narrator as well. In this literary work, it was the Doctor who was narrating the story. The feelings of the doctor towards Mathilda and her parents were clearly presented. In this case, the thoughts of Mathilda were basically hidden to the readers.
Limitation vs. Freedom
"Every Day"
the title itself already gives a glimpse of what the story is about.
the title leads to the main idea on how A literally travels from one body to another every day
this is similar to Italo Calvino's work entitled
since the title alone can already give us the core idea about the story
The story illustrates how A had been living under other people's lives. He already accepted this fact since he does not try to alter or change the way their day should be. A had been under such kind of situation even at an early age. A did not have friends and parents of his own. He lived each day as if it was already his nature or routine to drift from one body to another. This is a form of limitation for the part of A since he was not given a chance or choice to have an identity and life of his own. Such limitation did not give him the chance to live for his own . However, A soon meets Rhiannon who he immediately feels drawn to. A has spent his entire life trying not making connections to the people he meets along the way. For the first time, he meets someone who he wishes to make connection with (constant and permanent connections). In that point, he began deciding on his own. A chose to embrace such freedom as he goes against the expected behavior and action that his host is expected to perform.
"This book started out as a Valentine story I sent to friends; I've done that for the past 15 years, and this one happened to turn into a novel."
- David Levithan
The theme of this story resembles that of "The Story of the Eldest Princess." This is because of the fact that eldest princess chose the path from which was not expected for her to take. She took a risk and was courageous enough to do so. She went against the expectations of other people towards her and chose to follow what she feels or believes to be right.
Every Day (n.d) Retrieved from http://www.davidlevithan.com/every-day/
David Levithan (n.d) Retrieved from http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/
Athey, S., Goettsch, C., Lipari, R., et al. (2011) A biography of david levithan. Retrieved from http://beyondthepalebooks.net/2012/12/18/a-
David Levithan (n.d). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
According to Terry Eagleton, literature is a special kind of language. Literature transforms and intensifies an ordinary language by giving it a deeper meaning or thought. I consider this novel as a form of Literature because of the way the ideas messages were brought to life. It presents the wide range of emotions through the writing technique that the author had used. I also consider it as a form of literature, since it inspires and educates its readers.

Man vs. Self
A vs. Himself
“I have spent years meeting people without ever knowing them, and on this morning, in this place, with this girl, I feel the faintest pull of wanting to know. And in a moment of either weakness or bravery on my own part, I decide to follow it. I decide to find out more.” -A
The conflict of A in this excerpt illustrates how he struggles living a life of his own. He was not given much freedom in his actions and decisions since he is expected to live the life of his host. He was torn between prioritizing his own choices and prioritizing the life of his host.
Man vs. Man
A vs. Nathan
"I don’t know who you are or what you are or what you did to me yesterday, but I want you to know you won’t get away with it. I will not let you possess me or destroy my life. I will not remain quiet. I know what happened and I know you must be in some way responsible. Leave me alone. I am not your host.” -Nathan to A
For nathan, the conflict that he had with A seemed to be a serious one. He viewed A to be a threat to his life. This is due to his idea towards the alleged demonic posession that he had experienced. Nathan still did not believe A despite the fact the A already told them that they had a wrong accusation towards him.
A vs. Rhiannon
“I don’t think I can do this.” (Rhiannon)
“You don’t think you can do it, or you don’t want to do it?” (A)
“I want to. Really, I do. But how, A? I just don’t see how it’s possible.” (Rhiannon)
Rhiannon had troubles with coping up with the complicated situation that she had with A. It came to a point where Rhiannon feels as if it was not possible for them to be together. She had troubles in accepting the condition of A because she finds it difficult to love a different person each day. She struggles to cope up with the changes that A goes through. On the other hand, the conflict that A had with Rhiannon was that there was a time wherein A had strong feelings for Rhiannon but Rhiannon did not feel the same way for A.
Dynamic- this is due to the fact that he went against the rules by which he was living with throughout his life. This was the routine of inhabiting a body and living his or her life on how it should be as if it was dictated for him to do so. After meeting Rhiannon, A then changes his ways and decides for his own.
A reminds me of the character of the
eldest princess
, since she once took the chance to change and take another path in her life too. She made a lot of realizations throughout her journey from which she learns from. In A's situation, he then discovers more about himself and his true desires.
Static- she remains the same despite knowing the truth behind A's life. She still treats A the same way as she accepts him as to who he truly is.
A has the unfortunate ability to travel to different bodies each day. A has no family, race, gender, and body of his own.
soon falls in love with Rhiannon
Dynamic- from originally viewing A as an enemy and a threat to his life, he soon then develops sympathy towards A's character. This was evident during the scene wherein he set A up in order for Reverend Poole to meet with him. He then soon finds himself siding with A as he helps him escape from the manipulative reverend.
Static- Justin would represent a normal Jock in school. He stays the same way throughout the story.
Nathan reminds me of
from the story,
The Use of Force
. This is because their thoughts were quite hidden to the readers. Both of these characters in fact have the characteristic of being persistent. For Nathan, he would not stop until he gets an explanation or answer from A, while for Mathilda she refused to give up as she insisted not to have her mouth checked.
Rhiannon resembles the character of

from the Time Travelers Wife
, due to the similarities in their situation. Both of them experiences a struggle in coping up with the condition of their partners since it involved them adapting to several changes. For Claire, this would entail her struggle towards Henry's time travelling. While for Rhiannon, it involves her coping up with A's ability to travel to bodies.
Justin is the boyfriend of Rhiannon.
The body that A once inhabited when he first met Rhiannon
The body that A once inhabited when he went to Steve Mason's party
The boy that everyone found as (...)
Static- he yearned for proofs regarding such demonic activity. This continues up to the end wherein he still insists that A
is a devil.
Reverend Poole guided and helped Nathan in identifying the truth behind the alleged possession.
The girl that changes the life of A
Trustworthy & caring
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