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Experience of an Environmental Assessment Practitioner

No description

sissie matela

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Experience of an Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Experience of an Environmental Assessment Practitioner
What about the contractors
Where do they come from?
How are they picked?
Where and how are they trained
Do they get any brief from anyone on their environmental responsibilities?
Authorities at local government
Responsibilities for environmental management
Selection and supervision of contractors according to legislative guideline
Competency in upholding the law
Interaction with authorities
Legislation updates
Application of legislation
Environmental assessments
Environmental management plans
Construction monitoring
(waste licensing)
Water Use Licensing
Community resolutions
Borrow pit permits
Key/relevant Departments
Environmental Affairs
Water Affairs
Land Affairs
Mineral Resources
Agric etc
Engineering companies
Private clients
Where to now

If a department or municipality is breaking the law
If a contractor is not adhering to the conditions of the authorization
If DEDEA is not available immediately to address an issue that could be detrimental to the environment
If two projects, side by side, one has authorization the other does not?
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