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which exam is better-the ACT or SAT?

Katherine Santa Ana

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of SAT vs ACT

SAT vs. ACT which exam is better? It depends on you! what are your strengths? where do you want to go? Vocabulary
Critical reading
Analytical thinking SAT Strengths: Higher level math
Literal thinking
Science ACT where do you want to go? most colleges accept both...
but some have a preference ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Schools in the middle of the country... lean toward the ACT Schools on the east and west coasts... prefer the SAT ? So ... what's the difference? TEST FORMAT ACT SAT 5 sections 10 sections english, math, reading,
science, writing critical reading, math
writing on 5 subjects on 3 subjects TO GUESS OR
NOT TO GUESS ACT SAT always guess guess if you can narrow it down no penalty for
wrong answers minus 1/4 point
for wrong answers Strengths: MCLEAN Virginia schools
strongly prefer
the SAT SCORING ACT SAT each section score between 200 - 800 total SAT score is the sum of the sections, between 600 - 2400 each section score between 1 - 36 total ACT score is the average of the sections, between 1 - 36 And that's the basics! SAT vs. ACT
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