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My first half term at secondary school.

Some information on what I like and don't like at high school.

Caitlin Bains

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of My first half term at secondary school.

I have really enjoyed my first few weeks at high school. Here’s what I’ve been doing. Clubs Creative writing club, so far I've really enjoyed going to this club
with my bestest friend ever, Rachel. We're going to have a Halloween party!

I have also started orienteering club with Rachel, who is an expert and helps me when I do it badly wrong, which is quite common...! My Lessons I really like most of my lessons on my jam-packed timetable, here are the ones I like and don't like. friends: Like: P.S.H.E
Thinking and Learning
I.C.T Don't Like:
History I really hate geography Hello. my name is caitlin. I am eleven years old. I like: pandas!
chocolate I have made loads of new friends, especially:
Rebecca and
Evie. Thanks for watching! bye! She really enjoyed it! Events We've had loads of events so far at high school:

Year seven only disco!
Grandparents day! My Gran Came!
Cake sale, yum!
Author visit! You can get Obese
Heart failure

So exercise now!
And make sure you get your 5 a day! What are the consequences if I don’t keep fit? Nope! We’ve kept our bodies healthy one way, so another way and we’ll be thriving!
And the answer is…….Exercise!

A healthy body is a happy heart! So, now I eat healthy, should I just lay back and relax, eating an apple? Carbohydrates are found in bread and pasta.
They are our main source of energy.
Proteins are found in meat and fish.
They are essential for growth and repair in our bodies.
Dairy are milk, cheese and yoghurts
They strengthen our bones. Carbohydrates, protein and dairy Eat Healthy
A guide to being the person you want to be No junk food! Treadmill
Lift weights
Sit ups
Yoga When you go to the gym you can….. Exercise is a way to help your
body improve physically.
You can do a sport like swimming,
go to the gym or just walk the dog! What is exercise? We have missed some things out, which are also important in our diets. Turn over to find out more. This is what we should be eating more of, fruit and veg. Everyone should follow a food wheel. You should eat more fruits and veg, and less fat! What to eat? Running
Horse riding Sports you can do include….. I especially love P.S.He so here's my powerpoint I'm working on! My Healthy Eating
By Caitlin This is the stuff we should cut down on in our diets, fatty, sugary, salty foods. Hmmm……what is exercise? Rachel is my best friend!
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