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J-Term Orientation

No description

Saint Thomas IEC - Study Abroad

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of J-Term Orientation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Group Session
for select programs
Presented by Sr. Sharon Howell, CSJ, Assistant Dean of Students and Rachel Harris, Associate Dean of Students
Safety Abroad
Use Your Common Sense

Alcohol/drug abuse

Sexual harassment and assault

Crime/petty theft

Mental health issues
and stress
Pay Attention
to Risks
Always a Tommie
Presented by Tim Dohmen, Associate Director for Study Abroad;
Olivia Luterbach and Keller Brussow, Peer Advisors
Stepping outside your comfort zone
Getting the most from your experience
New perspective on your own culture
Where Next?
Your Study Abroad Experience
J-Term Orientation 2015
Try not to draw attention to yourself

Pay attention to your surroundings

Take responsibility for yourself and those around you

Exercise caution
The cohort model program
Community- your rights and responsibilities
Making the most of your free time
Social Media
UST Code of Conduct

Role of the Program Directors/Site Directors

Campus Resources
Note: All UMAIE program students are free to leave.
: Co-Sponsored program students (15 mins)
OEC 203
: Introduction to Art History in London
OEC 204
: Theology 101 in Rome
OEC 206
: Families in Italian Society
OEC 207
: AIDS, Apartheid & the Arts of Resistance:
South Africa
OEC 208
: Biology & Economics in Botswana
OEC 302
: Topics in Neuroecology in the Bahamas
OEC 305
: The Church in Latin America: Guatemala
OEC 306
: Silicon Valley Immersion ENTR490
OEC 307
: Roman Structures & Art: Italy

Presented by Lauren Viner, Program Coordinator

Contact with questions:
studyabroad@stthomas.edu or 651.962.6450

Health Services Travel Clinic
Presented by Gail Conzemius MA, CNP; Health Services
Maintain good academic and discipline standing
Get course approved
Pay program deposit
Meet with financial aid
Lift registration holds
Upon return – check transcript and degree evaluation, follow-up with program if necessary.
Co-Sponsored Program Checklist
Presented by Sarah Huesing, Assistant Director, Study Abroad
Ebola Virus
UST Health Services
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