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Let me introduce myself........

We HAVE to feel comfortable with each other........ We HAVE to create a sense of COMMUNITY....

Joshua Albert

on 11 August 2018

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Transcript of Let me introduce myself........

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Welcome to Mr. Albert's Math class!
Let me introduce myself
Sports and& Music
I was captain of the Swim Team
I was a diver!
I was a swimmer!
I played the Flute and ALL of the saxophones
I LOVE college basketball
I was born on June 28th
I grew up in Muskegon, MI
This is my mother and I
I went to school in Japan for
2 weeks
I studied in Australia and visited
New Zealand and Fiji.
I went to the Philippines, Thailand,
Malaysia, and Singapore with friends!
I taught English in South Korea
I voluntered in my community
Habitat for Humanity
Hospitalized children need their family
close by. Ronald McDonald house gives families with sick children a place to stay.
I made many friends
How did Mr. Albert pay for college!?
Wells Branch Elementary School
I worked in Switzerland.
I rode a Train from France to Spain.
KIPP Austin
Beacon Prep
Middle School
Nicaragua, Colombia and
Costa Rica
Building a new school.
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