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The Bunny Rabbit Love Story

The Bunny Rabbit Love Story

Belinda L

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Bunny Rabbit Love Story

The Bunny Rabbit Love Story One sunny day there lived a little bunny rabbit by the country side who's name was Trudi. She was smart and beautiful and even owned her own carrot farm. She supplied the whole town and kingdom with delicious organic carrots. She loved her town and worked hard but only wished to visit the royal palace as she wanted to take a break. In the palace their lived a Royal bunny prince Fievel who had a silky coat of fur and was very handsome. All the other female bunny rabbits loved him and some would come to the palace to impress him with their singing and dancing. But Fievel was very caring and loving but did not find that these other rabbits cared about the Kingdom. Then the next day came a big and hungry horse that ate all the carrots in a far away Kingdom which left the bunny rabbits of that area hungry. Feivel read about what happened in a far away kingdom in the bunny newspaper and got so upset that he called for a meeting in the palace to help out. Then he sent Trudi Carrot Farm Owner an invitation to try and give ideas on how to solve this awful
shortage. She showed up and the prince was so impressed with the idea to make up carrot stew which would feed the entire two kingdoms.She impressed the prince so much he asked if she could stay in the kingdom. Feivel asked if Trudi could be his girlfriend for a few weeks and then get married.Trudi didn't now what to say but she had to agree.Feivel said "How about we get started with the carrot stew" "okay"whispered Trudi "Well what are the ingredients for the carrot stew"reply Feivel "So the ingredients are carrots,lettes,leafs and water" spoke Trudi very fastly "well what are you waiting for let's started said Feivel Feivel invited Trudi to come and help outwith the plan. So they got started on there carrot stew and in a few minutes they were and
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