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No description

Alayna Miller

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Nouns

PART OF SPEECH CARD Special Interest University Of Grammar Noun Date Of Birth Occupation Signature What is a noun? plant, car, man, dog, water, city, etc. Proper Noun - a person, place, thing, or idea John Watson, German Shepard, Paris, Charlotte, etc. Collective Noun - a noun used for a group of people or things a part of speech that describes any person, place, thing, or idea choir, sheep, fish, jury, dancers, colors Countable Nouns - nouns that can take a plural and take an indefinite article helium, cutlery, furniture (You can't say 'a furniture' or 'three laughter'.) Common noun - an everyday, non-descriptive noun Mass Nouns - Nouns that can't take plural or combine with "number words" colors, people, dancers, etc. German Shepherds were used as border patrol dogs. Axolotls are cute when they are babies, but hideous when they grow up. The word noun came from the Latin
term "nomen" meaning "name". The team of soccer players fell off the cliff. Background
The noun was made by Ancient Greeks. "The Different Types of Nouns." Grammarmonster.com. Works Cited "Best Noun Song Ever!!" Youtube, 28 March 2011. Web. 21 Oct. 2012 “Schoolhouse Rock Nouns.” YouTube. YouTube, 2 Feb 2009. Web. 21 Oct 2012.
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