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City Upon a Hill Speech by J.F.K

No description

Deja Davis

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of City Upon a Hill Speech by J.F.K

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy wanted to approach the citizens with an emotional appeal (pathos) to try to persuade them to agree with his political views
To use pathos, J.F.K connects to his audience by describing his home life in Massachusetts, praising the people of Massachusetts, and hoping his future grandchildren would be raised there

The audience is the official general court

He makes the assumption the people want to hear about his: Courage, judgment, integrity, and dedication

Kennedy pauses in between each important point to make add emphasis and to give his audience a chance to acknowledge each point
Thesis Statement
John F. Kennedy used his 'City Upon a Hill' speech as a way to inform and connect, with the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans, his political agenda and his values for his future presidency
Inspirational/convinces the people of his true intentions of becoming president

His views reflect that he was a liberal and wanted to be eye to eye with the people
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City Upon a Hill Speech Analysis
by Deja Davis

"It was here my grandparents were born..."
"For forty-three years--whether I was in London, Washington, the South Pacific, or elsewhere-- this has been my home; and God willing, wherever I serve this shall remain my home."
"Ask no what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."
John F. Kennedy
"First, were we truly men of courage..."
"Secondly, were we truly men of judgment..."
"Third, were we truly men of integrity..."
"Finally, were we truly men of dedication..."

"Courage--judgment--integrity--dedication--these are the historic qualities of the Bay Colony and the Bay State..."
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