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No description

Janna Burk

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Recruiting

Ways to Recruit
Your Next Employee! Recruiting:
The process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs. Internal
Evaluation Internal Recruitment: Advantages:
Lower Costs
Career Development
Company Policy Ways to Externally Recruit Potential
Employees: INTERNET RECRUITING Legal Issues
Examples Evaluation How effective are your recruiting efforts?

Quantity of applicants
Quality of applicants
Satisfactory recruitment process
Timely recruitment
Cost of recruitment Closing Summary: Finding the best potential candidates to fill jobs within a company is one of Human Resources most important issues. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack! Different labor markets require strategic recruiting techniques. Today we talked about using these particular techniques:
Internal Recruitment
External Recruitment
Internet Recruitment
Recruiting Evaluation Disadvantages:
Resistance Are your recruits meeting
job specifications and are
they performing well?
failure rate
appraisal scores
production Were the recruiting efforts
completed in a timely manner?
There is a cost for unfulfilled
jobs. Feed back from those hiring:
Were there enough
Was it a timely process?
Feed back from Recruits
Those hired/those not hired
How were you treated?
Length of process?
Applicant's perceptions In addition to the costs
for unfulfilled jobs,
there are costs of
recruitment. Cost
for recruiting varies according to the types of expenses considered in the recruitment process The goal is to have an appropriate number of quality
applicants Was the recruiting process completed in a timely manner? There are costs associated with unfulfilled positions. Concerns about consulting social media because of the sensitive information posted. Details about race and gender could lead to wrongful termination and discrimination
lawsuits. Less expensive
Larger pool of applicants
Can save time
Reach "passive" job seekers Increased workload for HR because of exposure
Direct result of more resumes, applicants, job seekers, but not necessarily serious applicants Company website,
Social Media, Online sites such as Monster, Craigslist, Online Newspapers, and many more External: Television
Radio Newspaper Ads, Magazines, Billboards, Direct Mail Media Videos, Webinars, Internet store front ad Print ad Radio Commercials Colleges & Universities Janna Burk, Dallas Diaz
Tiffanie Miller & Cheryl Strouse Presented by: Works Cited
"Hire Right." Littleton: World Saving and Loan, 22 June 1995.

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"Zappos Family Music Video." YouTube.com. 30 AUG. 2010. Web. 2 NOV. 2012. Recruiting Expenses
Number of recruits hired
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