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Winning Teens

An interactive program which develops character and responsiblity in each child.

zac cusac

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Winning Teens

Transitioning From
Middle School to High School
High School to College or Vocational School

Peer pressure
Need of acceptance
Risk of dropping out
Drug or alcohol use
Need for good decision-making
Passing the High School Exit Exam
Obtaining a high score on the SAT or ACT Exams
Selecting the appropriate college or vocational school
Choosing the ideal career How can we support and help teens through these challenging years in their lives? “Winning Teens” is is an interactive program which develops character and responsibility while providing academic and career assessments through weekly counseling and coaching.

Character Development
Career Exploration
College Guidance
SAT/ACT/GED Preparation
Financial Literacy
Life Skills Decision-making
Maintaining a positive attitude/ personal development
Establishing a plan
Simplifying tasks
Convert failure to experience
Develop good habits
Invest for the future
Goal-setting Professional Tutors of America The Challenging Teenage Years Character Development Mission Statement
“Every child possesses unique talents. Our mission is to help each child discover and develop these talents along with the child’s self-esteem. By providing praise, encouragement, guidance and superior academic instruction, our program will result in the child becoming a more confident, responsible and productive adult in our society.”
- Bob Harraka, Founder Assessments Personality
Holland’s Hexagonal Model
Personality Educational Career (PEC)
Language Arts
Mathematics Career
Interest Profiler
Skills Profiler
Reality Check

ASVAB Preparation
Jung-Myers Briggs typology Career Exploration Our Teens will be given a series of assessments and Pre/Post Employment Skills.
Connected to internships, apprenticeships and volunteer positions.
Help with finding part-time work (summer).
Provided assignments which enhance resume writing and interview skills.
Taught tips and skills to maintain their current job/position. Test Preparation High School Exit Exam
Online lessons include:
Instructional videos
Engaging activities
Practice questions
Pre/Post assessments College Guidance Our Teens will be assessed and prepared in:

Choosing the best University
Signing Up for Virtual Tours
Financial Aid
College Deadlines
Applications and College Essays Financial Literacy Teens will acquire tools and resources to understand:

Money management
Consumer credit
Creating a budget Life Skills Teens will learn a variety of living skills which will ensure that they become informed, independent, and responsible adults. Healthy Diet
Purchasing a Car
Money-Saving Techniques
Renting an Apartment Stress Management
Independent Skills
Exercise Tips
Responsible Credit Card Use How does Winning Teens work? The Achievement Counselor assess and develops a student learning plan with the parent/guardian of the child. The Counselor will monitor, counsel, and guide the teenager through a series of lessons and activities which they complete at their home or local library in 90 minutes each week Highly Skilled Professionals Winning Teens has a full staff of educational professionals, including certified counselors, school psychologists, special education consultants, social workers and teachers which meet semi annually to assess the teens progress Student Parent School
Counselor Achievement Counselor Trust Communication Core Components Achievement Counselor Active Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) Credential
Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and Guidance
Each Counselor has a maximum of 100 Students and no extra duties Professional Tutors of America
Est. 1983 "Tomorrow is just another Monday or it's the first day on your path to success. It's cliche but true. Your destiny is defined by your effort." Professional Tutors of America are educational consultants and innovators who have developed counselor based programs to extend the day while resulting in increased motivation and achieving academic success for students. One thing is certain, the road to adulthood is not an easy path and is often met with difficulties along the way. However with the right guidance and motivation, no dream is unattainable.

PTA understands that every student has a unique set of needs which is why we have developed "Winning Teens" to compliment the work School Counselors perform so as a team we can maximize the potential for every student. Teenage Years can be met with... Roles of Achievement Counselors EDUCATIONAL COUNSELOR
TEACHER Summary of Benefits Builds positive character and motivation
Improves grades and test scores
Helps teens to explore and identify a career
Provides praise and encouragement
Instills responsibility & positive thinking
Provides an Achievement Counselor (Educational Coach) for each teenager
Offers a highly skilled team of Professional Counselors Most Important The student can start any time, at their own level and progress throughout their teenage years.
The student is assigned an Achievement Counselor meeting on a weekly basis throughout the year (including summer).
The student is provided with Academic and Personal Guidance leading to individual empowerment and academic success.
The student is provided with online lessons and engaging activities.
“Winning Teens” is a program for EVERY teenager
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