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No description

Veronica Galvan

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of BATMAN


GOVERMENT is Benevolent dictatorship.
Yes,public school will be mandatory and it going to be kinder through 12 grade.
Bruce Wayne discover the country called Batman.
PARTYMAN written by prince
play list
The name of my culture's holiday JUNK FOOD DAY.It is celebrated September 11-September17,and the it lasts one week.

Basic Information

Goverment:Benevolent dictatorship

The government will be in the office for 4 years and people will be able to vote for law.
The 5 rights that citizens will have is
.freedom of speech .are own religion
.right to vote .
If there are accused of crime they need to go to court and 8 people will vote if your guilty or non-guilty.
The goverment will provide lone star.
JUNK FOOD DAY it the day when everybody can drink or eat junk food and every thing will be 50% OFF.
When we celebrate JUNK FOOD DAY We like to eat special food like

Well school is really important because in the future we need doctor or even police to take care of use , because if we dont people are going to die.So why I think education is really important.
Yes, collage will be important to everybody so it should be free.
Five subject are:
Two are not taught:

Tardiness:Reflection room
Skipping class:Suspension
Lying:Extra work

Not turning work:Fail
Discipline policy:
The country of batman does have strong military and yes,Bruce Wayne fought big war with men called the joker.
Bruce Wayne won the war against the joker and won the country called batman.
Well Batman had hero named Bruce Wayne and he became hero by saving the counrty.
Big Ideas that was founded

.Freedom of speech
.No racism
.Own religion

In this country everybody is diffrent poor and rich.
This country is different from other country: .freedom .safe .no racism
This country is better than THE UNITED STATES because it safer place for everybody.
If they were in the country at less 5 years .They would be able to get ther permits.
The people are more important than everybody they are the living in the country.
This song represent the country by the leader.
by Jennifer Serrano
Veronica Galvan

Bat represents:
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