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8.3B estimate and find solutions to application problems involving percents and proportional relationships such as similarity and rates.

Monica Dorcz

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Proportions

PROPORTIONS How do I set up a proportion? http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-solve-direct-proportions-302394/ identify proportional or nonproportional linear relationships and solve for them. make connections among various representations of a numerical relationship. I should be able to: breeze through proportions :) use graphs,tables and proportions to make predictions and solve problems. 2. make sure to compare quantities in the same order
by labeling like on a table 3. write the proportion using the 2 ratios 4. Solve by cross multiplying and dividing 1. identify the ratios to be compared Let the steps guide your way... 5. Are the two ratios equal? If so... YOU DID IT!! Real life examples steps to solving a statement that 2 ratios are = check by making sure
they are equal can be solved by setting the cross products equal to each other What is a proportion? make sure the two ratios are equal!:) cross multiply and divide!:) reducing makes the problem easier to solve Recheck your work! Lable important information!!!!!! Part over whole!!!! Label the numerator and denominators Check to see if the proportions are equal! make sure that you have the right numbers always use the butterfly method...IT WORKS ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE AND DON''T LET BIG NUMBERS CONFUSE YOU... =)
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