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NBA vs WNBA. Who is better?

ELA project

Carolyn F

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of NBA vs WNBA. Who is better?

WNBA NBA WNBA vs NBA By: Carolyn Ferko The WNBA is an organization that allows women to play professional basketball. It was founded in 1996 by the NBA. Today, it is named the most successful women's sports team league in history. They agreed to create a league for women to play basketball. It was supposed to be exactly like the NBA but they created some changes to the rules and the game. Like, the WNBA only has 40 minute games, unlike the NBA which has 48 minute games. Even though its not a big time difference, its enough to change a defeat to a victory. Also, the NBA does not allow zone defense, just straight on man to man. Overall, WNBA is underestimated just because were women, we don't slam dunk (even though were perfectly capable of it), and were not as aggressive as men. But that's mostly stuff we have no control over. I don't see people comparing famous tennis players against each other so why women vs men in basketball. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the organization for men to play professional basketball. It was founded June 6, 1946. It has players like Michael Jordan,Kobe Bryant, Jrue Holiday ,Kyrie Irving,Kevin Durant, LeBron James and so many more. It is a talented group of men basketball players scattered on 30 different teams. Most people believe that NBA basketball games are more entertaining to watch because they are more "athletic" and WNBA games are more of a strategy game. Extremely untrue, but believed. In the end, its still a basketball game, with different people, but always provides fans with year round entertainment The History of Basketball Basketball was invented by Doctor James Naismith in 1891. James was assigned to create an indoor activity for students at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts for them to play in the harsh winters. The game involved elements of American football, soccer, and hockey, and the first ball used in the game was a soccer ball. Teams had nine players, but only were allowed to send 5 players in a game at a time, and the baskets they shot into to score points were wooden peach baskets mounted ten feet high onto the walls . Points were earned by shooting the soccer ball into the basket. When he first created the rules to basketball, there was no physical contact allowed to be made to any other players. So a foul was determined if a player smacks or punches the ball. Also, if either team commits three fouls in a row without the other team committing one, it will count as a point for the opponents. Overtime, the rules were changed and finally they used a real basketball and invented basketball nets in 1906. Fun Facts about WNBA 1. Fun Facts about NBA 1. Thanks for Watching! Question: Who is better NBA or WNBA?

Hypothesis: I think that the NBA is better than the WNBA because I think NBA games are more entertaining and more up beat. Before the WNBA was assembled, women had to play in dresses because the uniforms were considered "unladylike" Facts about Basketball 1.Lisa Leslie of the Los Angeles Sparks is the WNBA's all-time leading scorer with 4,732 points. Leslie picked up two of those points on July 30, 2002, when she became the first WNBA player to dunk the ball during a game.

2. In 1921 the spelling of basketball was changed to one word. It was originally basket ball.

3. The first pro basketball game was played in Trenton New Jersey.

4. The average salary for a WNBA player is $72,000, But for rookies its $35,000.

5. In 1936 basketball officially became an olympic sport.

6. In 1947 the NBA created the 3 point line.

7. In 1979 an Additional third referee is inserted in the game. This is a picture of Dr. James Naismith Solution: I don't think there is a real solution to this question because it is an opinion. WNBA:
There are currently 12 teams in the WNBA.
There are about 133 players and 12 coaches NBA:
There are currently 30 teams in the NBA
There are about 450 players and 30 coaches NBA players
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