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Key To Success

No description

chloe paez

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Key To Success

Career and salary

The career that was given to me was a Nurse.My annual and monthly salary after taxes is 3,900.00
Budget Calculations Recap
2)car payment
3)health care
4)groceries & household expenses
5)cellphone internet cable & utilities

Total money expenses : $ 5,037.50
Total money left over: $ 3,900
What is left over : $ 1,137.50
Closing Question
If I had money left over I would invest my money. I would by an apartment and then rent it out . that way if I waste my own money I would still have money coming in monthly. what I learned from this project is how to manage money,stay in my budget, and last but not least SAVE MONEY!!!!
Key To Success
Life Budget Project

Thank you!
1) 1,354.17
2) 1,083.33
3) 585.00
4) 704.17
5) 650.00
6) 390.00
7) 270.83
1) 975.00
2) 780.00
3) 585.00
4) 507.00
5) 468.00
6) 390.00
7) 195.00
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