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You and I

A journey between strangers --> friends --> best friends --> boyfriend/girlfriend --> best friends --> boyfriend/girlfriend

K Kilch

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of You and I

My heart knew it before my head...
The Beginning
You and I
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
First Date
Saturday, October 13, 2012
First Kiss
Sunday, December 23, 2012
Thank you for supporting me
Friday, November 2, 2012
First Picture
Friday, February 1, 2013
Change Jar
Our First
Friday, March 22, 2013
Sunday, May 19, 2013
Dec 24, 2012
"Like you know when you get really excited for something like cheer?? you get jittery?? well when you kissed me like when you actually kissed me on your own that's how I felt"

"when you kissed me for the first time - my first kiss - I could tell it was coming so I was kinda nervous but then when you actually kissed me I kinda forgot where I was, like my mind was completely blank for a second or two"
"I may not say it enough and I'm sorry if you agree that I don't but that doesn't change the way I feel about you. You are so beautiful and I love looking into your eyes and seeing you smile. I really missed that look you give me sometimes and I both like and dislike it for the same reasons: it makes me melt and makes me just want to be with you. I love when we're together because it always just feels like it's only you and me."
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Taylor Swift (Ed Sheeran) Concert / Prom?
Monday, February 18-ish, 2013: $0.00

Thursday, March 21, 2013: $20.15

Sunday, April 21, 2013: $30.43

Friday, July 12, 2013: $47.20
"Yeah, I liked it. Yes, I would do it again. Not totally sure what you mean by "worth it?" but yes, it was worth it. I'm glad we finally did it. I'm glad you're my first."

"well good! me too :$ it felt better than I thought it would :$ and well yay I think.. well if you liked it then yes. I am too and I'm glad too!"

"Good :)"

"(; yeah!"

"I think my absolute favorite though is when we're together late at night and I can sit/lay next to you/in your arms/holding your hands :$
Wait, just kidding. I'm changing that slightly. All of what I just said but adding: and when you kiss my forehead and cheek as I fall asleep. That's why I think I liked the ride home from the concert more than the actual concert :$"
"See in yourself what I see every time I look into those beautiful eyes you call your's!!! You're fucking amazing and there's a reason I fell in love with you and a reason I still call you my best friend!
I don't waste my time with people I don't believe in... You might not want me as your girlfriend anymore but I sure as hell am not letting you go. You're not gonna fall; you're not gonna die; you will survive. Or I'll fall and die right there with you..."

"but if I die I'd want you to live and remember so I know at least one person was affected in a positive way by my life"

"I have been, believe me! You're not going to die though. I'm not going to let that happen. There's waaaay more of you that the world hasn't seen yet, but it will. Because I'm not letting you fall. EVER!"
"like why do you believe in me"

"Because you're worth believing in"

"and then why is that"

"Because you're truly and honestly the best guy I've ever met. You're nice and kind and beautiful and understanding and funny and respectful and responsible and mature and smart and quirky and caring and a ton of other adjectives I can't think of right now. You aren't all those things all the time and that's what makes you you; perfect and imperfect. You do whatever you set your mind to and with that you can do anything. That's why I love you and care for you and believe in you, all the time until the end of time. Even when you don't see these things, I do. Always."
ahaha gahhhh your so slow I swear... but never mind"

"I'm so confused!! Please just tell me"

"I memorize things that inspire me... that's my point"

"Ooooohhhh!!! Well I'm glad that inspires you :$ "

"lol yeahhhh! ;$ aha me too"

"I'm very flattered, thank you"

"your welcome Hun"

" :$ "

" ;$ "

"I don't know what else to say... I'm kinda stunned/at a loss for words right now :/ "

"ahah why? isn't that what you dance for?"

"Yeah, I guess. One of the reasons I dance... But I've never actually heard/read it before... :$ "

"yeah.... :$ well then congrats you did"

"Good, I'm still at a loss for words though"

"you don't need words you just have to dance"


" (; there you go progress"

"Blaaahh :p"

"d'awww blushyyy face was speechless"

"Shut up! XP I still am... :$ "

"princess smile... look up at the stars and see their endless dance in the sky... their hearts of fire shining almost as bright as yours.... ;$ "
March 9, 2013 (Cont.)
March 9, 2013 (Cont)
"aww little dancerrr Kahlie"

"But yeah, that's why I like that song"


"ps I can do some of your little dancie thingie"

"What do you mean...?"

"your dance you showed me I can do parts of it"

"The video I sent you?

"no the other 1000 million ones...."

"Shut up :p Okay, so what's your point? Like why learn it?
March 9, 2013
" :'( "

"aww why sad... ??"

"Cause you're sooo sweet and I miss you"

" :$ but but I'm only sweet because it makes your spark brighter"

"And I'm still very flattered and you're still sooo veeerryyy sweet"

" (; but I'm the one flattered by you so shshsh just feel great about yourself that's all I want you to feel"

"I do, so thank you"


"hehe guesss what"


" (; your beautiful"

"How did I know you were gonna say that? :p Thank you :$ You're handsome and sweet and kind and amazing :) "
March 9, 2013 (Cont)
"well :$ didja know your the bestesetest :$ and franks"

"Hahaahaha! I did not, but thanks for informing me ;) "

"ahaha well you are!! (; "

"Ummmmm, thanks :$ "

" :$ yeah!"

"So, is your new biggest fear still never being loved?"

"ummm I thinks :P "

"You might wanna get a new biggest fear then. That one will never happen."

"aha why wouldn't it :3"

"Because I love you. And always will. I've said it before and I'll say it a million times more... If that's not enough, then I guess you can keep that as your biggest fear. I'm sorry if that's the case."

" ;$ fine!! ill find a new one"
March 9, 2013 (Cont)
"I DO want you to care! Knowing that you care and want to protect me and want me to feel safe is really really good and I'm extremely thankful and relieved you feel that way! It's just that the way you felt this morning knowing you couldn't do anything about it but you really really want to do something is how I always feel when I know you can't/couldn't sleep or feel sick or have a migraine or upset, etc etc. And knowing you'd just give up like that... I don't like it :$ "

"you pushed me away and questioned like I didn't care and that pissed me off"

"I never meant to piss you off. I never meant to push you away. I'm sorry :( I do know you care and that's what I thought you meant this morning but I wanted to make sure. I like knowing and hearing that you care about me."


"GOOD! I'm glad to hear it :$ When I woke up after it this morning, my first thought was to roll over and be in your arms. Once I realized that wasn't possible I texted you and then began listening to music that reminded me of you... It makes me feel so much better knowing you care about me. :$ "

" :* < catch it!!"

" *closed hand emoji* "
March 11, 2013
"Do you remember what I told you after I watched a DDA at a speech tournament?"


"Well do you remember the part about feeling like an ache in my chest?"


"Well multiple times last night during and after the concert I came really close to crying. You'd ask me what and I'd say nothing because I couldn't say what I was thinking without crying (I'm barely making it even now... Shit, not making it anymore.) But um yeah.... Anyway, I love you so fucking much. I wish we were together and I could call you mine. I wish I hadn't fucked it up the first time. After I laid down to go to sleep (still texting you) I felt that ache in my chest again. And for the longest amount of time I've ever felt it. I cried after that. I really do love you Riley. We're young but I know it's true. I love you Riley, with all my heart, forever and always."

"thanks.. it does mean a lot to know that and umm babe honestly I knew the whole night I just wanted to see if I could get you to tell me :$ "

"I hoped and figured you knew. I would have told you if I could have done it without crying. I was sure that would have ruined the night for the little girls behind us :$"
March 20, 2013
February 17, 2013 (Cont)
February 17, 2013
January 7, 2013
I will never forget our super late night Skype video (x2) and IM sessions. I will never forget when you woke up at like 2am Central Time to talk to me at like 8am London time. Those meant so much to me. I missed you so much! You were constantly on my mind throughout the trip. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there for me. It helped to have your jacket and Stitch with me.
December 26, 2012
December 29, 2012
Orchesis Intercity Dance Company Fall Concert

Thank you for bringing the carnation :) It was very sweet of you. And the first time you met my parents.

P.S. Next time you buy a dozen flowers you don't have to only give me one and let the other 11 die in your car ;)
Riley Michael Potter
Kahlie Alexandra
Hua Kilcher
We'll see where this life takes us,
but I hope it's us, together, forever.
sexy butt

"When I look at you sometimes I don't think anything at all I just look at you and take in every little bit I can because you are amazing and so beautiful


Well okay so I see your super amazingly patient with me and you care so so much about me and now that I've seen that it means a lot when you say certain things sometimes and it makes me smile. When you make smile it's like a whole new explosion of emotion and happiness to my heart it makes me feel like I am thriving and not just surviving like everyone else but there. You have changed me for the better. I look up to you soo so much and you have no idea that I do but I do. Thinngs you do and how you have so much talent and hard work ethic amazes me. You are truly a unique and just the most... passionate person I've ever had looking after me. Your always there some how when I need you and you care no matter what but most of all you are the best because I care about nothing more than just purely making sure you know that you are the best because that's all you deserve"
January 8, 2013
January 23, 2013
"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control sometimes and at times hard to handle. But all I truly want is your love... your love and caring bring me to the ground and keeps me the most happy I can be.
"Every time I see you, I smile. Every time you smile, I can't believe how unbelievably adorable and sweet you are. Every time you look at me with those incredible eyes my heart melts and I can't believe you're mine. Every time you kiss me, it feels like a dream, I stop thinking, and I'm only with you. Every time you hold me in your arms, I wish I could stay there forever. I love you Riley and that will never change. <3 "

" <3 I love you because of who you are... the stunning talented but most of all you make my heart skip a beat when you say your mine and your happy to have me... all I'll ever want is for you to give me love"
January 26, 2013
March 25, 2013
Sneaking around at 2am...

I can't believe that worked. I thought the snow was for sure going to stop it all. But it didn't and I'm so happy. I loved being with you. I have never regretted anything with you and I still don't.
Orchesis Intercity Dance Co. 2013 Spring Concert: International Perspectives
Friday, April 19, 2013
You didn't give me flower(s) like you said you would... but you did ask me to be your's (again). Thank you for giving me a second chance and coming out to support me.
Pictures, Grand March, Prom, After Prom, and After After Prom Party
Saturday, April 27, 2013 - Sunday, April 28, 2013
April 6, 2013, 12:32am
"And for the record. For any future time that I seem like I'm pushing you away or don't want you there... I do want you there. I want you to wrap me in your arms, tell me shut up, kiss me, and just hold me. Please <3"

"<3 any time I say sexy butt is I time I wish I could hold you close/ and or fuck you for as long, much as I can... :$"

"Good, because I like that too... I love you Riley Michael Potter"

"thanks I love you to Kahlie english name and Chinese stuff kilcher"

"Hehe :3"

"heheh :3"

"Thank you :$"

":$ welcomes"

"I need to go to bed.... Goodnight most amazingest, beautiful, handsome, adorable, cutie, theif, copier, that I love more than anyone else!"

"goodnight smart but very very sexy ass, liar, bullhead, talented, amazing girl that I love"
April 6, 2013, 1:24pm
"Hiya silly! Your cute and sexy <3 just so yanno! Btw i love you! And your gorgeous! (; btw your an angel and ypur blush when you read this :D so yay"
April 8, 2013, 10:02pm
"Mehh, I hate homework"

"I hates you"

"You hate me? :("

"with a passion"




"because ever bit more i hate you, I just love you 10 times more"

"Yay! :D But damn you! I was really worried!! :$"

":$ ahah :3"
"If you were here right now you'd get pushed away... XP Wait, I meant pushed away as in when I push your face away from me... but just kidding. If you were here with me you'd get pushed off the bed! ;) "

";) maybe I would kick you"

"Maybe I'd just push you off the bed again"

"maybe you would"

"Huh? If you kicked me I most definitely would"

"mean :$"

"Kicking me is mean ;p"

":$ hehe so you like it"
"It's still mean :$"

";$ So what"

"So what what?"

"you'll be okay with it"

"I guess :$ You'll be okay with being pushed off the bed then :p"

"you'd come down with me soon"
April 17, 2013, 11:22am
"yes yes :$ no cuz you love me and you will give up just like for keeping the gift card"

"Not necessarily"

"oooooookkkkkkkay sure"


"ha I win (; "

"That does not mean you win xp"

"you didn't say no to any oh what I said, clearly I won and look at your eyes they tell me the truth"

"I didn't say yes or no thank you very much"

"did too check your blush ;) and eyes when you look at me and know I love you"

"Not cool"

"cool enough to make you blush
and throw a hissyyy fit because I'm right
ps you eat your apples so damn slow"

"Mehh :$ XP"
"You're such a sweetheart <3"
"Your such a beautiful amazing girl <3"
" :* "
" :* "
"Ugh, I hate this :$ I always want to be in your arms and to sleep next to you and times like these it's extra and it's not fair :$"
"Sooo this would make it worse??? :$
Truth love is such a thing i can't explain, but is something I feel. There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, moment. I love you without knowing how, or when. I love you simply, without problems or pride. I love you in this way because it grows so much more everyday. Love in this, is which there is no I or you, but so intimate that your hand fits perfectly in mine, so intimate that every heart beat beats another beat of love for you, another breath that says only your name, and another fire in my eyes. That is what true love feels like to me..."
"Damn you :'( That is so beautiful... And yes, it does make it worse... I love you so so so so much"
" :$ aww I sorry :$ and I love you too baby"
May 1, 2013 10:00pm-ish
Thank you for everything this weekend. It seriously means so much to me... I'm not sure I can thank you enough.
Yay! Thank you for coming to the hour-long, boring graduation and the graduation party.
Lake of the Ozarks
June 29 - July 3
Game: September 20
Dance September 21
I am so glad I was able to go to the game and the dance with you. I had so much fun. I hope you did too.

P.s. After the game is still amazing. My favorite time so far.
August 1, 2013
Thank you so much for meeting me at work and then taking me to Chicago. I loved it. I am so grateful for everything. I absolutely love my Tiffany and Co. "I love you" ring. And I had so much fun at the Melting Pot. It was delicious and you are so so sooo adorable.
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