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The Physics Behind a Hockey Slap Shot

Phys. World Presentation

Hannah Mast

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of The Physics Behind a Hockey Slap Shot

The Physics Behind a Hockey Slap Shot Flex Follow Through Weight Transfer Types of Hockey Stick The player applies a force to the hockey stick. Wind Up Friction between the stick and ice forces the stick to bend and create potential energy. Guides the puck. Player transfers weight from back leg to front leg to put more force on the flex points on the stick Stick blade is up in the air at the end of the shot to push the puck up against gravity When the potential energy is released, the stick snaps back and transfers its energy to the puck Having a stiffer flex in the stick will create more potential energy when flexed The puck shot in the air will have a curved path coming back to the ice due to gravity The puck accelerates in the direction the stick applied a force on it (Newtons 2nd Law) Player puts all his weight on his back leg and raises his stick above his head creating potential energy Composite Wood Two piece Lighter stick with more durable fibers to prevent stick from breaking when flexed Heavier stick but has a more smooth feel when stick handling A player gets the durability of a composite stick and the comfortable feel of a wood blade Acceleration of the puck is determined by how much force is applied to the stick The End
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