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Imagine All the People - April Cleansing the Palette

Deborah B. Reeve, EdD, Cleansing the Palette, NAEA News, April 2011


on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Imagine All the People - April Cleansing the Palette

O As a gathering As something
bigger than
ourselves. I have talked long and often
about the power of community… as recently as my last “Cleansing the Palette.” Imagine all the people We come out of Seattle simply floating.
It was SO good!
It feels like there’s nothing
we can’t accomplish now. But Seattle was also like a cocoon.
There were no regulations.
No department heads.
No budgetary restrictions.

Our Annual Convention is all
possibility, no parameters. So the great and relentless challenge is,
as always, how do we bring all that great
“Convention energy” into our everyday lives.

How do we make it real…out in the real world? We start…by starting… for the time to be right,
for the plan to be perfected,
for the full team to be assembled. We don’t wait – And we start crossing borders. Who did you meet in Seattle?
What new idea did they give you?
What new resources can you draw on?
What unexpected inspiration is buzzing in your head?
What can you do – NOW – that you haven’t done before? Because one of the easiest traps to fall into after the Convention
is the orthodoxy of “the way we’ve always done it.” But Seattle gave you new thinking to explore.
Maybe even some new belief systems.
This is such promising grist for your mill.
Don’t waste it.
Start grinding. And start working with all those new congregants you met.
They will bring new energy to your work.
They will continue to bring new ideas to your table.
They may even bring their own projects that they want your help with. And, in this day and age,
perhaps the best thing about these new additions to your community
is that they’re not a budget item.
Community is a free resource.
Spend it freely. And yes, once again,
it all comes down to community. One of the goals of our new NAEA Next strategic framework
is community-building. We belong together.
Working side by side to create [innovate…imagine]
new worlds for our students to explore and develop within. The school year will soon be over
and you’ll have time to think leisurely…abstractly. Start asking yourself right now:
How can I build my community?
How can I pull in the people who weren’t in Seattle and make them a bigger part of all this.
How do I employ more facets of the NAEA community – research, for instance? The Convention is a place where we
collectively find our voice. The Challenge is to keep that voice strong when you are back home.
To grow that voice even louder and stronger. But don’t wait. Start singing. See how your community is keeping the energy generated in Seattle flowing!
Take a look at this video created by Sharon Santillo,
K-3 art specialist, Maynard, MA Public Schools. Visit the NAEA website for the addition of videos of General
Sessions, presentation resources, photos of the event, and more!
The energy just keeps flowing! www.arteducators.org
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