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No description

Mar Vista

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Inori-Venus

by:Inori Kawauchiya Venus Temperature Volcanoes Distinct Physical Characteristics the diameter is 7,521 miles(12,104 kilometers)
distance from the sun is 67 million miles
closest appearance to the Earth is 24 million miles
composition is a nickel and iron core(mostly nickel) 3,000 kilometer thick mantle, and 50 kilometer thick crust
mass is 82% of Earth's
surface gravity is 91% of Earth's temperature ranges from 100F(38C) to 535F(274C)
surface temperature can rise up to 900F(482C)
hot enough to melt lead
hottest planet in the Solar System
Venus's clouds traps heat like a greenhouse, so the process is called the "greenhouse effect"
around 1,600 volcanoes in Venus
ticks are volcanoes that have "legs" sticking out of them to look like real ticks
pancake volcanoes are made of thick lava and coronae
coronae are collapsed domes over magma chambers
Maat Mons highest volcano on Venus
named after Egyptian goddess of truth and justice
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